Andrew Winter's Renovation Tips

Realtor Andrew Winter discussed all the details of the renovation to the Extreme North Rocks house in Episode 1 of Selling Houses Australia in a live web chat. If you missed it, here is the transcript.

LifeStyle: Hi everyone, Andrew is online now. Hope you enjoyed the show. Ask away!

lou: We have a good size block of land 966m2 with a house right in the middle of it should we spend most of our money on the outside of the house or the inside?

Andrew Winter: Hi Lou – it’s all about an overall impression, I am afraid you have to tackle the 'whole', but treating certain things with more priority! Good Luck.’

Jen24: Andrew, totally adore you & your no-nonsense tell it like it is ways. Just wanted to say keep it up! :)

Andrew Winter: Hi Jen, thank you!

JoelEdhouse: Hi, Andrew I'm a budding future real estate agent, what would your tips be for starting out and making the grade?

Andrew Winter: Any kind of work in a real estate office, to get the feel of the business and see how things work, is always a great place to start, good luck Joe.

Ed6: the bridge was just fantastic and marvelous!

tanja: Hi Andrew, what do I do on the Gold Coast when your house is very well presented, modern and just doesn’t sell? I live not too far from you... you still on the GC?

Andrew Winter: Are you a neighbor? Haha! Look, The Gold Coast is a tough market, in most cases it is all about getting the price right.

SimoneBee: Do you get a lot of houses that ask for help when they are simple fixes like new carpet and things?

Andrew Winter: We sure do!

Barbara10: Hi Andrew. We currently have our house on the market, and it’s taken longer than expected to sell. We have reached the 90 day period, we live next door to sky high in mount Dandenong, Victoria, and have arguably the best view of Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay but everyone keeps saying for the price that we want, the house is too small, but the view is breathtaking......starting to get frustrating.

Andrew Winter: Barbara, maybe the buying public are frustrated too? They may like your home but think your price expectations too high. An amazing view is only part of a package! Maybe get in a professional valuer to help. Hope that helps.

Tracy82: Hi andrew, always amazes me how you stretch the funds so far, great checkered shirt by the way, I suppose Shayna's influence is taking effect!!!

Kristi8: What is the most popular house colour for a rendered exterior wall?
Andrew Winter: Oh that is a tough one - stone/beige shades I guess, but some strong accent colours can be added to that list - paint shops are usually great sources of info too!

Ed6: Did you actually present the findings about the pylon as part of the marketing of the house?

Andrew Winter: Yes - the agent was supplied with all the facts - that was a vital part of our new strategy.

thecorner: Andrew, We have a fabulous house we have been trying to sell for several months. A two story family home with pool, great outdoor space, double garage and separate living areas. Only drag is we live on a main road which seems to deter everyone. We have not had one offer. We watch your shows religiously and take in all your great advice. Any 'out of the box' suggestions?

Andrew Winter: Do not worry main road houses sell, BUT for less than the same home in a quiet street! So make sure you compete on specification and then undercut on price - the percentage depends on how busy and ugly the road may be.

Rhett: Great Ep Andrew...realistically, how much would the place have gone for minus the power lines?

Andrew Winter: Pleased you enjoyed. How much? Well it’s sold for $740k - it would have been, maybe $800k, or even more. Quite a big difference!

lisa67: Evening Andrew :) Will you ever do a series on houses that need help badly but give the owners the choice if they want to sell or not, maybe "Tempting Houses Australia" ? :D

Andrew Winter: I love it!!!! Great idea, you never know, I like your thoughts.

Adriana: Hi Andrew, really enjoy watching the show. Your show inspired my husband and I to do a home makeover prior to selling, giving us an additional $60,000 over the largest offer prior to the makeover. Thanks Selling Houses team.

SimoneBee: I agree with Tracy about the stretched funds, sometimes it's unbelievable, maybe you could do a final cost at the end of the show to prove that it actually can be done.

mattywood85: Andrew, our house in Qld has been on the market for 3 weeks at present we are just having some difficulties at present with selling it. We are on approx 1100 M squared block that is elevated, we have repainted and renovated. The agent is now coming to us suggesting we lower the price to suit the market at present which says we should be selling for about $20 000 under what the agent first said. Do you think that we should do this or stay strong on our price? The agent is saying that we should do this to get it sold when she first came in and said that the house was worth between 475 - 530 she is now saying we should price it more towards the 450 mark.

Andrew Winter: Hi - that is a big percentage drop so soon!!! Could it be she was just trying to win the listing? I think you need more advice and ask the agent to justify her comments too. Maybe it was only ever worth the lower figure. Some agents do play this game - but it could be genuine too, the market does go down as we all know - so more opinions needed.

dru&sue: Hey Andrew is this show going to stay on the Lifestyle Channel or go to the new Home channel in March?

Andrew Winter: It will stay on Lifestyle Channel!

Tami3: Wow to the above, $60k extra is awesome! I did the same thing, it didn’t get me more money but it sure helped it to sell - main lesson is declutter and depersonalise !!!

dru&sue: Do all of tonight’s details on products used, feature on the web page?

Andrew Winter: Yes for sure, check out this link:
For North Rocks Supplier List
Bubbles2: Hi Andrew. What brought you to Aus in the first place?

Andrew Winter: Why would I not? This is an amazing country - in fact I have a cousin from UK here right now on holidays and doing the sightseeing bit again reminds you how fantastic it is. Too many reasons to list - love your name Bubbles!!!

Mike30: Hi Andrew, love the show, but can we get it on twice a week?

Andrew Winter: Hi Mike, I wish!

Jen24: Do you think that real estate agents are too concerned with keeping the client happy that they are not willing to go through the house and say that is bad, change that, we need to update this & fix that?

Andrew Winter: Classic 'catch 22' - often agents want to be more direct, but then sellers get all upset. I found it difficult too, so an agent takes a risk by being truthful.

Gee2: Hi Andrew not really a question I have. I would like to say welcome back I have waited for some inspiration and you and your team certainly delivered that to night so a big thank you. Gee.

Sara55: Hi Andrew, love your show! Can I ask about negotiation strategy from the point of view of the buyer? If there are no other offers yet you have made a low offer which has been rejected, do you think, come up to something they might consider or stay quiet until they beg?

Andrew Winter: There are no hard and fast rules as a buyer in that situation you do have more control, but to have real power you need to know sellers situation - how and why they need to sell, always helps - happy negotiating Sara.

Carol: What % of the value of a property should you be prepared to spend to get ready for sale?

Andrew Winter: Wish I could give you an exact figure, but I cannot. It depends on so many factors - what you need to understand is your local market, buyer’s needs and what they expect, plus current value and what it could be worth to help you guide you to a budget.

Ed6: Enjoyed the show and good work - was the pylon report included as part of the marketing of the agent?

Andrew Winter: All the facts were supplied to the agents, a problem shared is a problem halved - and it worked too.

Collywot: Hi Andrew, I live near a freeway that is currently being built. How will that impact on house values of property close to the new freeway?

Andrew Winter: Near can be good, if it means much improved transport links for the area, it only becomes bad if it actually is right beside a boundary of your home or causes heaps of noise in what was a quiet location. If it is bad - yes it will drag the price down a bit, but just wait and see it might not be that bad, hope so for you!

dru&sue: Hi Andrew Great job on the power line house. My question is what kind of mulch did you use in the garden the colour of it was red.

Andrew Winter: Oh I don't know, that is Charlie’s dept, so not clever in the ways of all things mulch! So pleased you enjoyed the show.

Tami3: Hi Andrew, your show is awesome, we love it. My question is ... we own a 100 year old house, and have just replaced the old plumbing as it was next to useless. Would that increase the value of the property or not do you think?

Andrew Winter: What a great person with great taste in TV you are. New plumbing, no sorry no real value gain on that, but certainly not a bad thing to do - will help a sale.

number cruncher:Andrew, what is your favourite real estate hot spot in Australia?

Andrew Winter:Anywhere where the market is quiet, has lots of homes for sale, yet actually could have a good sustainable future, but most people do not about it yet - does that help you?

Sara55: Argh, my question didn't come up? Can you give some general tips on negotiation on a property that has been overpriced and then not much interest (but great buy?)
Andrew Winter: That is simple, it sounds like a great home, which is fine BUT I would expect the sellers are not that desperate, or keen to sell yet. That may change - watch this one like a hawk if you want it, just wait, the sellers may one day decide they have had enough waiting, it does happen.

Warren B: Hello Andrew, if you guys had an extra $5000 - $10 000 to spend, what do you think you would of spent it on?

Andrew Winter: Fully renovating the other bathroom and changing all the floorings throughout without a doubt!

wast: Hi Andrew, do you regard Sydney Eastern Suburbs real estate as being over priced?

Andrew Winter: I would say demand is still high, very little stock so hence prices get pushed up - if you want to buy to make money in short term forget it, but if you want to live there long term it is not so bad, just do not get carried away.

Don14: Hi Andrew. I have a wonderful 70s style blue fiberglass spa bath. Can it be repainted and who would be able to do it in my area Taree, New South Wales? Hope you can help.

Andrew Winter: Of course - spray is possible, local paint shop is a great place to start Don.

Lyn: Hi Andrew, Great show, I have been a huge fan since I found your UK show years ago. Any ideas for how we can get the purchase price right for a house we want to buy to renovate. Comparable prices in the suburb are for properties already updated.

Andrew Winter:Lyn - tricky one. Ideally you calculate how much it would cost to renovate roughly the whole place, then see what the maximum sale price could be, if it is more than the renovation you are on a winner, but quite often it isn't so watch out!

Ed6: Have any of the sellers been upset with anything you may have said to them about their house? I totally enjoy the show!

Andrew Winter: In this case no, a bit shocked maybe - but trust me they could not wait to get a sale and they did quickly, they were very happy and really great people too.

LifeStyle: Hi everyone, Andrew has kindly offered to answer questions for another ten minutes so stay with us!

Mike30: Hi Andrew, just bought a reno for 400k that needs a lot of work, is there a formula on how much to spend on renos before over-capitalising?

Andrew Winter: Yes do not spend more than the place will actually be worth, that is purchase price then add reno if it will cost more than it will be worth then walk away.

Warren B: We didn't see anything of the downstairs area in tonight's house. Was it really that bad?

Andrew Winter: No nothing special, but it didn't matter and was not a major priority for getting a sale, hence lack of it being featured selling is all about getting the priorities right.

Kristi8: My house colour is a pale pink, do you suggest a colour change?

Andrew Winter: YES - change that and add value!!!

Warren26: How do you disguise mission brown window frames and garage doors?

Andrew Winter: Well garage doors can be easily repainted, but windows - just try to lighten up the surrounds if possible.

bellalee9: Did some one put a sledge hammer to the purple toilet?

Andrew Winter: Of course what fun - trouble is it could be next decades high fashion!

LifeStyle: Thank you everyone for your questions tonight. We hope you enjoyed the show.

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