Tropical garden Planting Guide & Tips

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Love the holiday feel of a tropical garden? You can bring that same tranquillity and beauty to your backyard with your very own tropical garden thanks to our gardening tips and advice. We have planting information on a range of tropical plants including popular tropical plants such as the Agave, Ceylon Myrtle, Yellow Bird of Paradise, Water Poppy and many more tropical plants. Find out how to care for tropical garden plants properly with our tips on soil, sunlight and more.

    Tropical garden

    Thumbnail of Asplenium  nidus loading...
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    Asplenium nidus

    Bird's Nest Fern

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    Bismarckia nobilis

    Bismarck Palm

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    Araucaria bidwillii

    Bunya Bunya

    Thumbnail of Washingtonia  filifera loading...
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    Washingtonia filifera

    Californian Fan Palm

    Thumbnail of Cinnamomum  verum loading...
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    Cinnamomum verum

    Ceylon Cinnamon

    Thumbnail of Blandfordia  nobilis loading...
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    Blandfordia nobilis

    Christmas Bells

    Thumbnail of Cordyline  congesta loading...
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    Cordyline congesta

    Coast Palm Lily

    Thumbnail of Kennedia  retrorsa loading...
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    Kennedia retrorsa

    Coral Pea