Summer flowers Planting Guide & Tips

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Want colourful, healthy, amazing summer flowers in your garden? We have a vareity of information for expert gardeners to gardening novices on all sorts of popular summer flowers. See how to plant and care for popular summer flowers such as the sunflower, petunia, poppy, dahlia and carnation. We have gardening advice on a range of summer flowers including information on their soil and sunlight needs as well as the best pruning tips for summer flowers. Our gardening section also offers information on summer gardens including summer flower planting tips, keeping your lawn cool in summer, summer garden lawn care and much more.

    Summer flowers

    Thumbnail of Clytostoma  callistegioides loading...
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    Clytostoma callistegioides

    Argentine Trumpet Vine

    Thumbnail of Aptenia  cordifolia loading...
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    Aptenia cordifolia

    Baby Sun Rose

    Thumbnail of Craspedia  variabilis loading...
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    Craspedia variabilis

    Billy Buttons

    Thumbnail of Pycnosorus  globosus loading...
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    Pycnosorus globosus

    Billy Buttons

    Thumbnail of Washingtonia  filifera loading...
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    Washingtonia filifera

    Californian Fan Palm

    Thumbnail of Cinnamomum  verum loading...
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    Cinnamomum verum

    Ceylon Cinnamon

    Thumbnail of Lycium  barbarum loading...
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    Lycium barbarum

    Chinese Box Thorn

    Thumbnail of Blandfordia  nobilis loading...
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    Blandfordia nobilis

    Christmas Bells

    Thumbnail of Callistemon  subulatus loading...
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    Callistemon subulatus

    Dwarf Bottlebrush

    Thumbnail of Cordyline 'Electric Pink' loading...
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    Cordyline 'Electric Pink'

    Electric Pink Cordyline