Standard plants Planting Guide & Tips

Plant Uses

Standard plants, otherwise known as 'balls on sticks', are plants which are trained into a certain shape. Standard plants create a great feature in any garden, if you are willing to spend some time on them. Standard plants are best trained from young plants when they are more flexible and growing at a rapid pace. Standard plants are also best grown from plants with a straight stem. We have a range of gardening information on standards plants including the Autumn Olive, Dragon Fruit, Camellia and more standard plants.

    Standard plants

    Thumbnail of Pinus  nigra ssp.  laricio loading...
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    Pinus nigra ssp. laricio

    Corsican Pine

    Thumbnail of Duranta 'Sheena's Lime Glow' loading...
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    Duranta 'Sheena's Lime Glow'

    Golden Pigeon Berry

    Thumbnail of Acer  palmatum 'Atropurpureum' loading...
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    Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum'

    Purple Japanese Maple

    Thumbnail of Acacia  podalyriifolia loading...
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    Acacia podalyriifolia

    Queensland Silver Wattle

    Thumbnail of Wisteria 'White Blue Eyes' loading...
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    Wisteria 'White Blue Eyes'

    White Blue Eyes Wisteria

    Thumbnail of Callistemon  salignus loading...
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    Callistemon salignus

    Willow Bottlebrush

    Thumbnail of Bougainvillea cvs loading...
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    Bougainvillea cvs


    Thumbnail of Abutilon  megapotamicum loading...
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    Abutilon megapotamicum

    Brazilian Bell Flower

    Thumbnail of Syzygium  australe loading...
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    Syzygium australe

    Brush Cherry

    Thumbnail of Eccremocarpus  scaber loading...
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    Eccremocarpus scaber

    Chilean Glory Flower