Spring flowers Planting Guide & Tips

Plant Seasonality

Spring is the perfect time to get out in the garden and ensure your backyard and front yard, for that matter, are bursting with colour and life. The best way to do this is to plant a range of spring flowers. Popular spring flowers include the sweet pea, allwood pinks, pansy, poppy, chrysanthemum and forget-me-not. We have gardening advice on a range of spring flowers including information on their soil and sunlight needs as well as the best pruning tips for spring flowers. Our gardening section also offers information on spring gardens including spring flower planting tips, seed sewing, container planting, spring garden lawn care and much more.

    Spring flowers

    Thumbnail of Genista x  spachiana loading...
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    Genista x spachiana

    Hedge Broom

    Thumbnail of Rosa 'Hybrid Tea' loading...
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    Rosa 'Hybrid Tea'

    Hybrid Tea Rose

    Thumbnail of Pelargonium  peltatum & cvs loading...
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    Pelargonium peltatum & cvs

    Ivy Leaf Geranium

    Thumbnail of Pittosporum  tenuifolium 'James Stirling' loading...
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    Pittosporum tenuifolium 'James Stirling'

    James Stirling Pittosporum

    Thumbnail of Malus x  floribunda loading...
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    Malus x floribunda

    Japanese Flowering Crabapple

    Thumbnail of Eutaxia  microphylla loading...
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    Eutaxia microphylla

    Mallee Bush Pea

    Thumbnail of Austromyrtus  dulcis loading...
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    Austromyrtus dulcis

    Midgen Berry

    Thumbnail of Bartlettina  sordida loading...
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    Bartlettina sordida

    Mist Flower

    Thumbnail of Senecio  talinoides ssp.  cylindricus loading...
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    Senecio talinoides ssp. cylindricus

    Narrow Leaf Chalk Sticks

    Thumbnail of Metrosideros  excelsa loading...
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    Metrosideros excelsa

    New Zealand Xmas Bush

    Thumbnail of Protea  neriifolia loading...
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    Protea neriifolia

    Oleander Leaf Protea

    Thumbnail of Gaura  lindheimeri 'Passionate Pink' loading...
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    Gaura lindheimeri 'Passionate Pink'

    Passionate Pink Butterfly Plant