Orchids Planting Guide & Tips

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Orchids are a very pretty and popular plant due to the striking nature of their flowers. Orchids make lovely container plants and orchids also thrive in warmer climates. There are hundreds of species of orchids and we have planting and gardening advice on many of the most popular varieties of orchids including Goat’s Beard, Bamboo Orchid, Milkweed and many more orchids. Orchids have a reputation for being difficult to grow when in fact many varieties make excellent house plants. With proper culture an orchid can be in bloom for months each year and can live indefinitely. Orchids require special fertilizer designed for orchids to grow really well.


    Thumbnail of Dendrobium  kingianum loading...
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    Dendrobium kingianum

    Pink Rock Orchid

    Thumbnail of Coelogyne  pandurata loading...
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    Coelogyne pandurata

    Black Orchid

    Thumbnail of Dendrobium 'Soft Cane' loading...
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    Dendrobium 'Soft Cane'

    Dendrobium Orchid

    Thumbnail of Calanthe  baliensis loading...
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    Calanthe baliensis

    Balinese Orchid

    Thumbnail of Arundina  graminifolia loading...
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    Arundina graminifolia

    Bamboo Orchid

    Thumbnail of Dendrobium  falcorostrum loading...
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    Dendrobium falcorostrum

    Beech Orchid

    Thumbnail of Bletilla  striata loading...
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    Bletilla striata

    Chinese Ground Orchid

    Thumbnail of Calanthe  triplicata loading...
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    Calanthe triplicata

    Christmas Orchid

    Thumbnail of Dendrochilum  cobbianum loading...
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    Dendrochilum cobbianum

    Cobb's Orchid