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Hedge plants

Plant Uses

Hedge plants make excellent boundaries. Hedge plants take up limited space in your garden but give privacy and protect you from noise and nosy neighbours. Hedge plants are easy to grow but they do need to be trimmed regularly. To help you keep your formal hedge plants looking neat and to help you choose which hedge plants work best in your garden we have a range of hedge plants and gardening information. Find out about popular hedge plants such as Allyn Magic Lilly Pilly, African Snowdrop Tree, Italian Buckthorn and more great hedge plants.

    Hedge plants

    Thumbnail of Banksia  audax loading...
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    Banksia audax


    Thumbnail of Boronia  barkeriana loading...
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    Boronia barkeriana

    Barker's Boronia

    Thumbnail of Rhododendron 'Belgian Indica Hybrids' loading...
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    Rhododendron 'Belgian Indica Hybrids'

    Belgian Indica Azalea

    Thumbnail of Erica  cinerea loading...
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    Erica cinerea

    Bell Heather

    Thumbnail of Beschorneria  tubiflora loading...
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    Beschorneria tubiflora


    Thumbnail of Atriplex  lentiformis loading...
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    Atriplex lentiformis

    Big Saltbush

    Thumbnail of Macropidia  fuliginosa loading...
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    Macropidia fuliginosa

    Black Kangaroo Paw

    Thumbnail of Prunus  spinosa loading...
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    Prunus spinosa

    Black Thorn

    Thumbnail of Ceanothus  thyrsiflorus loading...
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    Ceanothus thyrsiflorus

    Blue Blossom Ceanothus

    Thumbnail of Lonicera  korolkowii loading...
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    Lonicera korolkowii

    Blue Leaf Honeysuckle