Formal garden Planting Guide & Tips

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Looking for the perfect plants for your formal garden? Symmetrical plantings and stylized plant forms, like hedges and topiary, help to define and link elements within any formal garden.
Take a look at our selection of formal garden plants like the white cypress pine, perfect as a formal screen, shade tree or windbreak; rosemary for the ideal formal hedge or border; and English Box for topiary. Don’t forget to check out our information on annuals and perennials in our herbaceous plants collection, to find the perfect seasonal companions for your formal garnden.

    Formal garden

    Thumbnail of Dianthus x  allwoodii loading...
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    Dianthus x allwoodii

    Allwood Pinks

    Thumbnail of Escallonia  alpina loading...
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    Escallonia alpina

    Alpine Escallonia

    Thumbnail of Deschampsia  cespitosa ssp.  alpina loading...
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    Deschampsia cespitosa ssp. alpina

    Alpine Tufted Hair Grass

    Thumbnail of Cotinus  obovatus loading...
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    Cotinus obovatus

    American Smoke Tree

    Thumbnail of Phormium 'Anna Red' loading...
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    Phormium 'Anna Red'

    Anna Red Flax

    Thumbnail of Betula  platyphylla loading...
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    Betula platyphylla

    Asian White Birch

    Thumbnail of Cedrus  atlantica loading...
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    Cedrus atlantica

    Atlas Cedar

    Thumbnail of Acer x  freemanii 'Autumn Blaze' loading...
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    Acer x freemanii 'Autumn Blaze'

    Autumn Blaze Maple

    Thumbnail of Syzygium  australe 'Baby Boomer' loading...
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    Syzygium australe 'Baby Boomer'

    Baby Boomer Scrub Cherry

    Thumbnail of Malus  domestica 'Ballerina Polka' loading...
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    Malus domestica 'Ballerina Polka'

    Ballerina Polka Apple