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Plant Seasonality

An evergreen plant is a plant that has leaves all year round, no matter what the season. This contrasts with deciduous plants, which completely lose their foliage during the winter or dry season. We have gardening information on a range of popular evergreen plants such as the White Paper Daisy, Australian Fuchsia and many more evergreen plants. See how to care for evergreen plants and get the latest information on their soil, sunlight and pruning needs. Evergreen plants needs a little TLC thanks to long-term air pollution, ash and toxic substances in the air which are harmful to evergreen plants so make sure you know how to care for your evergreen plants now.


    Thumbnail of Carex  appressa loading...
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    Carex appressa

    Tall Sedge

    Thumbnail of Eleocharis  sphacelata loading...
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    Eleocharis sphacelata

    Tall Spike Rush

    Thumbnail of Adenanthos  sericeus loading...
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    Adenanthos sericeus

    Tall Woolly Bush

    Thumbnail of Eucalyptus  microcorys loading...
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    Eucalyptus microcorys

    Tallow Wood

    Thumbnail of Tamarindus  indica loading...
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    Tamarindus indica


    Thumbnail of Pittosporum  tenuifolium 'Tandara Gold' loading...
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    Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Tandara Gold'

    Tandara Gold Pittosporum

    Thumbnail of Lomandra  longifolia 'Tanika' loading...
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    Lomandra longifolia 'Tanika'

    Tanika Mat Rush

    Thumbnail of Dianella  tasmanica loading...
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    Dianella tasmanica

    Tasman Flax Lily

    Thumbnail of Solanum  laciniatum loading...
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    Solanum laciniatum

    Tasmanian Kangaroo Apple

    Thumbnail of Boronia 'Telopea Valley Star' loading...
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    Boronia 'Telopea Valley Star'

    Telopea Valley Star Boronia

    Thumbnail of Teucrium  argutum loading...
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    Teucrium argutum


    Thumbnail of Cordia  boissieri loading...
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    Cordia boissieri

    Texas Wild Olive