Deciduous Planting Guide & Tips

Plant Seasonality

Deciduous plants are plants, trees or shrubs which lose their leaves seasonally or to the shedding of other plant structures such as petals after flowering or fruit when ripe. In some cases deciduous plants lose their leaves in winter when it is cooler and while they may look bare, many people love deciduous trees for their changing nature. We have gardening information on a range of deciduous plants such as the Maple, Oak, Elm, Honeysuckle and many more so you can give your deciduous plants the best chance at life. From soil and sunlight needs to pruning and flowering facts, you will find everything you need to know about choosing and looking after deciduous plants here.


    Thumbnail of Erythrina  vespertilio loading...
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    Erythrina vespertilio

    Bat's Wing Coral Tree

    Thumbnail of Callicarpa  formosana loading...
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    Callicarpa formosana

    Beauty Berry

    Thumbnail of Acer  macrophyllum loading...
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    Acer macrophyllum

    Big Leaf Maple

    Thumbnail of Alnus  glutinosa loading...
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    Alnus glutinosa

    Black Alder

    Thumbnail of Aronia  melanocarpa loading...
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    Aronia melanocarpa

    Black Chokeberry

    Thumbnail of Thunbergia  alata loading...
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    Thunbergia alata

    Black Eyed Susan

    Thumbnail of Ipomoea  batatas 'Black Heart' loading...
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    Ipomoea batatas 'Black Heart'

    Black Heart Sweet Potato

    Thumbnail of Morus  nigra loading...
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    Morus nigra

    Black Mulberry

    Thumbnail of Populus  nigra loading...
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    Populus nigra

    Black Poplar

    Thumbnail of Juglans  nigra loading...
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    Juglans nigra

    Black Walnut

    Thumbnail of Staphylea  colchica loading...
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    Staphylea colchica

    Bladder Nut