Climbers and Creepers Planting Guide & Tips

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Climbers and creepers is a group of plants or vines which need support of some kind in your garden. Because climbers and creepers grow vertically in the garden they are great space savers and can be used to provide masses of foliage so are useful to cover walls, trees or a fence. Climbers and creepers can also provide great privacy but they do need a bit of attention and care. Find out all the gardening information you need on climbers and creepers, from soil to flowers to sun or shade, to make sure your climbers and creepers grow to their full potential and provide your garden with the screen or burst of colour you need. We have information on all kinds of climbers and creepers from the popular Bougainvillea to the Wisteria and Ivy.

    Climbers and Creepers

    Thumbnail of Menispermum  canadense loading...
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    Menispermum canadense

    Canadian Moon Seed

    Thumbnail of Tecoma  capensis loading...
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    Tecoma capensis

    Cape Honeysuckle

    Thumbnail of Tropaeolum  tricolor loading...
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    Tropaeolum tricolor

    Chilean Nasturtium

    Thumbnail of Solanum  crispum loading...
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    Solanum crispum

    Chilean Potato Vine

    Thumbnail of Clematis  armandii loading...
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    Clematis armandii


    Thumbnail of Clematis  pubescens loading...
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    Clematis pubescens


    Thumbnail of Bomarea  andimarcana loading...
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    Bomarea andimarcana

    Climbing Alstroemeria

    Thumbnail of Billardiera  macrantha loading...
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    Billardiera macrantha

    Climbing Blueberry

    Thumbnail of Chorizema  diversifolium loading...
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    Chorizema diversifolium

    Climbing Flame Pea

    Thumbnail of Decumaria  barbara loading...
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    Decumaria barbara

    Climbing Hydrangea

    Thumbnail of Strophanthus  gratus loading...
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    Strophanthus gratus

    Climbing Oleander