Cacti and Succulents Planting Guide & Tips

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Cacti and succulents make ideal pot plants for a sunny windowsill, balcony or patio. Cacti and succulents are easy to grow and need very little attention. Cacti and succulents are also great plants for dry and humid climates. To help your cacti and succulents flourish we have information on the correct soil, shade and care routine for cacti and succulents. We have advice on a range of popular cacti and succulents including the Kalanchoe, Agave, Aloe Vera and many more. Cacti and succulents have an amazing diversity of form and foliage and make great container plants. Just watch out for the spikes on some cacti.

    Cacti and Succulents

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    Neoregelia 'Green Apple'

    Green Apple Bromeliad

    Thumbnail of Agave  gypsophila loading...
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    Agave gypsophila

    Gypsum Century Plant

    Thumbnail of Haworthia  attenuata loading...
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    Haworthia attenuata


    Thumbnail of Bromelia  sylvicola loading...
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    Bromelia sylvicola

    Heart of Flame

    Thumbnail of Jovibarba  globifera ssp.  globifera loading...
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    Jovibarba globifera ssp. globifera

    Hen & Chicken Houseleek

    Thumbnail of Adenium  obesum loading...
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    Adenium obesum

    Impala Lily

    Thumbnail of Alcantarea  heloisae loading...
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    Alcantarea heloisae

    Imperial Bromeliad

    Thumbnail of Alcantarea  imperialis 'Rubra' loading...
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    Alcantarea imperialis 'Rubra'

    Imperial Bromeliad