Bulbs Planting Guide & Tips

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There are many different kinds of bulbs which grow in your garden. Flowering bulbs are a great way to bring colour to your garden. Bulbs are best planted in bold clumps to achieve the best affect. We have a range of information on planting and taking care of bulbs in your garden including soil, sunlight and watering information on popular bulbs such as Daffodils, Hyacinths, Freesias and many more bulbs. You can also share information on caring for bulbs and cultivating bulbs with other gardeners and chat to them about their experience growing different types of bulbs in Australia.


    Thumbnail of Dichelostemma  volubile loading...
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    Dichelostemma volubile

    Twining Brodiaea

    Thumbnail of Synnotia  variegata loading...
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    Synnotia variegata

    Variegated Synnotia

    Thumbnail of Veltheimia  capensis loading...
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    Veltheimia capensis


    Thumbnail of Sauromatum  venosum loading...
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    Sauromatum venosum

    Voodoo Lily

    Thumbnail of Nerine  bowdenii f.  alba loading...
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    Nerine bowdenii f. alba

    White Spider Lily

    Thumbnail of Commelina  coelestis loading...
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    Commelina coelestis

    Widow's Tears

    Thumbnail of Eranthis  hyemalis loading...
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    Eranthis hyemalis

    Winter Aconite