Annuals and Biennials Planting Guide & Tips

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Annuals and biennials both have limited life spans as plants. Annuals are plants which live for one year and most of them flower in the first three to four months from the time of sowing. Annuals are divided into two groups – summer-flowering and winter/spring flowering. Annual flowers are a favourite amongst gardeners because they give a great burst of colour for little work. Biennials, on the other hand, live for two years. Biennials suit cool climates and are best sewn in spring. We have planting information on a wide range of popular annuals and biennials such as Dill, Oats, Kale, Petunia and Coriander as well and gardening advice on many more annuals and biennials.

    Annuals and Biennials

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    Tetragonia tetragonioides

    New Zealand Spinach

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    Geranium homeanum

    Northern Cranesbill

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    Avena sativa


    Thumbnail of Adonis  annua loading...
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    Adonis annua

    Pheasant's Eye

    Thumbnail of Impatiens  glandulifera loading...
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    Impatiens glandulifera

    Policeman's Helmet

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    Primula x polyantha


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    Schizanthus hybrids

    Poor Man's Orchid

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    Orychophragmus violaceus

    Purple Flowered Rape

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    Cerinthe major 'Purpurascens'

    Purple Honeywort