Accent plants Planting Guide & Tips

Plant Uses

If you want to create a visual impact in your garden, a well-placed accent plants is the easiest way to do it. Place one beautiful accent plant amongst a collection of hedges or groundcover plants and this one accent plant can stop people in their tracks. Accent plants are usually striking because of their shape, colour or size. You want to take good care of your accent plants since they are such eye-catchers and we have a range of information on the sunlight, soil and pruning needs of many accent plants. Find out how to care for popular accent plants such as the Purple Japanese Maple, Barrel Cactus, Red Hanging Heliconia and more great accent plants.

    Accent plants

    Thumbnail of Asplenium  nidus loading...
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    Asplenium nidus

    Bird's Nest Fern

    Thumbnail of Bismarckia  nobilis loading...
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    Bismarckia nobilis

    Bismarck Palm

    Thumbnail of Cordyline  congesta loading...
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    Cordyline congesta

    Coast Palm Lily

    Thumbnail of Nandina  domestica 'Pygmaea' loading...
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    Nandina domestica 'Pygmaea'

    Dwarf Sacred Bamboo

    Thumbnail of Cordyline 'Electric Pink' loading...
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    Cordyline 'Electric Pink'

    Electric Pink Cordyline

    Thumbnail of Ficus  lyrata loading...
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    Ficus lyrata

    Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Thumbnail of Pittosporum  tenuifolium 'Golf Ball' loading...
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    Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Golf Ball'

    Golf Ball Pittosporum

    Thumbnail of Ctenanthe  setosa 'Grey Star' loading...
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    Ctenanthe setosa 'Grey Star'

    Grey Star Ctenanthe

    Thumbnail of Alcantarea  imperialis loading...
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    Alcantarea imperialis

    Imperial Bromeliad

    Thumbnail of Cycas  revoluta loading...
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    Cycas revoluta

    Japanese Sago Palm

    Thumbnail of Magnolia  grandiflora 'Little Gem' loading...
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    Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'

    Little Gem Magnolia

    Thumbnail of Bartlettina  sordida loading...
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    Bartlettina sordida

    Mist Flower