Top 15 Cutest Animals of Instagram

From certified stars to up-and-comers that will soon be dominating your Instagram feed, here are 15 of the cutest animals you have to follow for your daily dose of cuteness!

Turn up the adorable on your Smartphone with 15 of the cutest animals on Instagram. These furballs will have you almost wanting to pat the screen. 

1. Biddy The Hedgehog

For all the spiky cuteness you can handle, this African Pygmy Hedgehog is definitely one to follow. The gallivanting hedgehog became an internet star after Toni DeWeese and Tom Unterseher took him on holiday across America. His 645k followers watched his every adventure, and soon enough, he even had his own calendar. Unfortunately, this spiky little guy passed away in March from cancer, but his memory lives on through his 370 Instagram posts.

2. Norm

This pug takes better selfies than you, and he doesn’t even need a selfie stick! Norm’s owner Jeremy Veach began taking photos of his adorable pug and posting them to his Instagram account in January 2013. Since then, Norm’s adventures – and the pair’s signature move - the pet selfie – have helped them garner over 295k likes making Norm a certified Internet star. 

3. Pirate Pug Jack

Having one eye doesn't stop a too-cute Jack from enjoying a life full of adventures! In fact, what he’s lacking in the eye department he certainly makes up for with extra tongue, and his 22k followers can’t get enough!

4. Hamilton the Hipster Cat

This cat is definitely more hipster than your cat. And yes, his moustache is real! When stand up comedian Jay Stowe adopted Hamilton after he was found abandoned in San Francisco, it was love at first sight, and James promptly started posting photos of his moustached puss to Instagram. 208k followers later, Hamilton now has a T-shirt deal with clothing retailer the Mountain and a newly acquired manager.

5. Buddy and Boo

The original animal celebrities of social media, doggie pals Buddy and Boo known as ‘the world’s cutest dogs’ are serious business! With a plush toy, books, calendars and celebrity appearances on talk shows, Buddy and Boo’s Facebook page clocks in at 16m, while their 508k Instagram fans dote on their every adventure. 

6. Grumpy Cat

If Boo and Buddy are Kimye of the Internet animal world, then Grumpy Cat (real name Tardar Sauce) is the Donald Trump. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the perpetually peeved puss is a ‘seven-figure cat’, with her own intellectual property layer and management, plush toys, publishing deals, clothing merchandise and even a beverage, the Grumppaccino. Tadar is a meme millionaire and has even allowed her mum, Tabatha Bundesen to quit her job at Red Lobster!

7. Jack The Cockatiel

You’re about to get out-posed by a handsome cockatiel that really knows his angles! Jack’s account centres on his adventurous extra-curricular activities like skateboarding, flower arranging, or dressing up. Cockatiels are highly social animals that like lots of attention, and we’re sure his 29.7k followers are giving him plenty of that!

8. Lil Bub

Bub’s no ordinary cat  - born with a multitude of genetic anomalities that makes her look like a cartoon come to life, it’s futile to resist this little cat’s charms - as her 737k Instagram followers will tell you. With her own independent merchandise line, including hoodies, designer socks and a plush toy, Bub is also a star of the silver screen, with her own feature-length documentary and talk show. She has more than 900,000 Facebook likes, 470,000 Instagram followers, and nearly 20-million views on her YouTube channel.

9. Maya The Bulldog

You want style tips? Then you need to follow the best-dressed bulldog on the Internet! Tania Ahsan began photographing her adorable new bulldog puppy and posting on Instagram around her New York neighborhood. Businesses reposted the photos, and Maya started modelling dress ups and accessories from friends. After that, Ahsan says PetSmart began sending her costumes and dog clothes to play with, and armed with a wardrobe most starlet’s would envy, Maya’s popularity exploded. From there, Maya’s account went viral and now her 72.k followers follow her every move.

10. Sam Has Eyebrows

Cara Delevingne and her famous eyebrows have some serious competition! Sam the cat has only one expression – vexed – and it’s these unusual markings that have helped launched his Internet stardom. His owner, who remains anonymous, rescued Sam the stray cat from New York and set up an online profile dedicated to Sam and his 'eyebrows'. He now has 162k followers, countless memes and sponsorship deals in the works.

11. Pricilla The Pig

Hollywood starlet’s don’t have a thing on Pricilla, arguably the best-dressed pig since Miss Piggy herself! Her 478k followers are schooled daily on just how to rock bows and pearls, while her brother prefers tailored blazers, naturally.

12. Tuna the Chiweenie

The 4-year-old Chiweenie, with the exaggerated overbite, recessed jaw line and a magnificent wrinkly neck was rescued by Courtney Dasher at a Farmers Market in LA when he was a puppy. A year later, Courtney started publishing pictures of the adorable little ‘underdog with the overbite’ on Instagram, and after Instagram featured a picture of him on their personal page, Tuna went viral. He now has 1.3m followers, and last year was ranked as the most-popular dog on Instagram. Now, he has a web shop where fans can purchase merchandise including iPhone covers, T-shirts and mugs, and Courtney leverages Tuna’s fame by raising awareness for animal rescue groups.

13. Venus Two Faced Cat

Many called fakery when this puss first hit the Internet highway, but Venus is a certified modern day marvel and medical mystery. Her half-black, half-orange face appears to be split straight down the middle, with one green and striking blue eye. Another animal adoption activist, Venus has appeared as guests on Fox and "The Today Show," and she can certainly hold her own on social media; she has 364k followers on Instagram and her own line of merchandise, including a calendar and a stuffed toy.

14. Mr Bagel the Chinchilla

Mr. Bagel the chinchilla isn’t just adorably cute with a huge legion of fans, he’s using his Internet fame to remind his followers to adopt pets from rescue followers and say no to fur!

15. Champs the Golden Retriever

He snuggles with baby chicks, lets butterflies land on his nose, and will happily pose in dress ups – Champs' gentle spirit has been dutifully captured by his owner and dedicated trainer, 21-year-old Southern Californian photographer Candice Sedighan. Recently, Candice raised over $20k via a Kickstarter campaign for her photo book of Champ that features glossy pictures of Champs' adventures.

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