The Unique Personalities of Dogs

Our Pet Expert explains more about the idiosyncrasies and behavioural traits of dogs. 

Meet Tika! Tika is a Miniature Australian Bulldog. Not an Australian Bulldog, or an English Bulldog, and certainly not a French Bulldog. 

I’ll start this article by reiterating how important it is to get the breed right when chatting to a ‘passionate dog lover’. I made the unfortunate mistake of getting the breed incorrect, and was abruptly corrected on the unforgivable mistake I had made.

Tika is still quite young at a spritely 2 years of age, but even at such a young age, has already developed a number of uniquw personality traits worth mentioning.

Just a Little Bit Judgy

The first thing I noticed about Tika is that she seemed just a little bit judgmental. She appeared to be able to quickly form impressions about the people she met, and from my perspective, there was no pattern whatsoever. She would nuzzle up to one person, then bark and chase the next person away.
I would love to know what mechanisms are going on that allow dogs to like some people, and dislike others. Is it based on smell, body language, or is it simply random. I got the impression with Tika, she swayed on the side of random craziness, but there was definitely some thought processes going on. For this reason alone, I wasn’t confident to ask her what she thought of me!!

Pet Likes and Dislikes

Another nuance of Tika’s personality, was her fascination with water bottles. It was almost as if her life’s goal was to systematically destroy every water bottle that she came into contact with. You could have offered her the best ‘dog toy’ money could buy, and she would have much preferred the Mount Franklin water bottle you have in your hand.
Interestingly, this isn’t an uncommon trait of dogs, and has always amazed me. I once spent 6 months building dog kennels for my pups when I was younger. They were luxury pads, fitted out with carpet and bedding, and all the mod cons. However, when proudly giving them to my dogs, they briefly inspected them, and immediately opted to return to their filthy mangy blankets. The fact of the matter is, as a pet owner you have no choice. Your dog is going to like what he/she likes, and that’s the way it is.
I guess what I’m trying to reiterate in this article, is to never forget how unique each and every dog is. They all have their own wonderful personalities, and it’s for this reason alone that we love our pets so much.
And if the dog at your local park takes one look at you, turns up his nose, and walks the other way, don’t ask why? Like Tika, they probably have a good reason, and you definitely don’t want to know!

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