Spring Check: Plants Poisonous to Pets

Are you rethinking your garden design this spring? Ensure new plants wont pose a threat to your furry friend. 

If you're considering adding new plants and shrubs to your home, and you have a pet who rules your backyard, it's wise to check first that these plants aren't poisonous to your furry friend.

Many pet owners, without knowing, purchase beautiful, vibrant plants that can pose a great danger to cats and dogs. If your beloved animal has ingested a poisonous plant you may notice symptoms such as difficulty breathing, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal urine colour or smell and salivation.

Make sure to take your pet a vet as soon as possible, with many offering after-hours care.

Flowers and plants toxic to cats and dogs
- Azalea
- Buttercup
- Chamomile
- Daffodil
- Dahlia
- Eucalyptus
- Geranium
- Gardenia
- Hydrangea
- Hyacinth
- Iris
- Oleander
- Peony
- Rhododendron
- Tulip

Fruit toxic to cats and dogs
- Apricot
- Apple
- Cherry
- Grapefruit
- Lemon
- Lime
- Orange

Vegetables toxic to cats and dogs
- Garlic
- Rhubarb
- Taro

Fertilisers to be wary of
- Blood meal: If ingested by your pet, this can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Make sure to ask your supplier what's in your bag of blood meal.

- Pesticides/Insecticides: While these don't pose a huge danger to your pets, they can be basic irritants. Make sure to pose any concerns to your vet.

What to do if your pet is poisoned

Try to safely collect the material that was involved, as this can help your vet to determine the poison. You may also want to collect in a sealable plastic bag any material that your pet may have chewed or vomited to further assist the vet.

Make sure to take your pet immediately to your local vet or emergency vet clinic.

You can also create an emergency first-aid for your pet containing a large medicine syringe, fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide, saline eye solution, forceps, muzzle, can of your pet's favourite wet food, mild grease-cutting dishwashing liquid and artificial tear gel.

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Posted by Hannahx37Report
Surely grapes are important to mention as they are poisonous to dogs.
Posted by Vicki522Report
White Cedar tree berries are also toxic to dogs, pigs, horses (and people).
Posted by Tania396Report
Also you forgot to mention the MOST toxic to cats : Lilies or known as Tiger lilie flowers