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Meet the Pets - Episode 1

Find out more about all the beautiful pets and animals featured in Episode 1 of Village Vets Australia.

Lyn’s Alpacas

Hobby Farmer Lyn has only had her alpacas for a week, and one of the mothers is due to give birth to a baby alpaca. Baby alpacas are called Cria, a female is called a Hembre, a male a Macho and a twelve month old Alpaca ia called a Tui.

In Lyn’s case, the mother was a new mum, so was a bit unsure of herself, and to complicate matters another young alpaca was taking her milk, so the cria was missing vital nutrients it needs in the first few days after birth. The solution was to separate the mum and cria from the rest of the herd for a few weeks . During this process James also discovered bits of placenta in the cria’s mouth. These could have been affecting its ability to suck milk, so he removed the blockage.

Gypsy the Horse

Young Emily has only had her Arab horse “Gypsy” a short while, and her family didn’t realize Gypsy was a bit of a guts. Gypsy managed to get into a bucket of chicken feed, and this has expanded in her stomach and caused major problems.

Horses are ‘drip feeders’ meaning they need food to constantly be coming in one end, and out the other .. so any blockage can cause major problems. At one stage during her treatment it looked like Gypsy’s blockage in her stomach was going to kill her, but fortunately with some expert help, she pulled through.

Bendy The Dog

According to Bendy’s ‘minder’, Warren, Bendy is a poodle cross, but he doesn’t know what he’s cross with! Bendy is a little over 1 year old, and and loves to swim – which is where he got into trouble. 

Now that the vets have fixed him up, Bendy’s favourite past-times are eating (anything and everything), going for walks, and pulling clothes off the clothes line!

Charlie the Bearded Dragon Lizard

Charlie is one lucky lizard, surviving eating a marble is no mean feat. It’s the relative equivalent of a person swallowing a bowling ball whole, and Charlie would have died without surgery. Removing the marble itself was straightforward, but the big problem with Charlie is after-care. The surgeon’s cut in his stomach can get infected, so James and Anthony had to ake sure they stitched him up good and tight.

Charlie’s owner Lauren was thrilled to have him home!

Bearded dragons make great pets, as they’re docile and fairly easy to keep. You do need a license in some states to keep them.

Elsie the Cow

Elsie is Winn’s ‘home cow’ – a fairly tame animal that’s nice to have around the house and keeps the grass down!

The birth of her little calf isn’t her first, but it’s certainly her most dramatic. Sometimes when a cow is calving the unborn calf presses on the nerve that controls the back legs- and that’s exactly what happened with Elsie. This meant the calf couldn’t ‘dive’ out of mum, and instead had to be pulled. It’s a tough procedure on vets and cows, but if you don’t get the calf out it can die, and in turn this can kill mum.

Elsie and her calf Dora

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