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How To Give Your Cat a Pill

Worming a cat can be a little bit difficult. The Village Vets, James and Ant, show you how to give your cat a pill! 

The reasons that you may need to give a pill to a cat at home are worming for intestinal worms, and you need to do that about four times a year, or potentially giving antibiotics if your cat is unwell.

Worming a cat can be a little bit difficult, you've got to wrangle the cat, and it's often a two person job. 

Follow these steps in the video above:

- We've got the worming tablet loaded into a pill popper which is a very handy device. You can just do this with your finger but a pill popper certainly makes it a lot easier.

- We then put the pill down to the back of the throat, and when we get to the back of the throat, we simply press this button on the end and the pill pops in - delivering the pill right to where we need it to go.

- Anthony's holding onto those legs there for me and I'm gonna grab my middle finger and my thumb on opposite sides of his mouth and turn his head upwards. When I do this it's forcing his mouth open, and now I can pop this into the back of his throat, and quickly like that pop that pill in, and that's all gone.

It's a very different procedure in a dog. 

It's very rare for cats to simply eat a pill right out of your hand (even if it's palatable), whereas dogs are far hungrier creatures.

If you have any problems pilling your cat, take them into your vet and the vet will help you do it. 

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