Doggy car sickness 101

If you've ever started to feel a bit queasy while travelling on a long road trip, you'll know how uncomfortable car sickness can be. But did you know that humans aren't the only species afflicted by car sickness? That's right, dogs can often be affected by this nasty ailment as well.

What causes doggy car sickness?

Sometimes doggy car sickness can be caused by the physical motion of the car, particularly in younger dogs who may not have fully developed their sense of equilibrium or balance.

However, many dogs who experience car sickness are actually struggling with mental and emotional issues - being in the car might make them stressed or upset, or they may have had bad car sickness experiences in the past and therefore associate being in the car with this feeling.

How do I know if my dog is car sick?

Obviously, your furry friend won't be able to speak up and let you know if he's feeling car sick, so it's important to look out for a few warning signs that might indicate discomfort or nausea.

If you dog is unusually inactive, listless or uneasy when in the car, then they may be feeling car sick. You should also check to see if they are yawning or drooling more than usual, as this could indicate queasiness.

Obviously one of the most obvious warning signs to look out for is vomiting. If your dog does throw up in the car, try not to get angry or upset, as this might cause stress and only make the problem worse.

How can I prevent my dog from feeling car sick?

Your local vet may be able to prescribe medicine to treat the symptoms of doggy car sickness, however a better way to tackle this ailment is by making your pet as comfortable as possible when they are in the car.

If your dog has shown symptoms of car sickness in the past, you can ease them back into the process by going on shorter journeys and building up towards longer rides. Ensure you are giving them plenty of positive feedback, and try to avoid feeding them too much before taking them in the car.

You can also try to make car rides a fun experience by ensuring that you drive with your dog to local parks and beaches. This way, they won't only associate the car with sickness and vet visits, and will instead look forward to their driving adventures.

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