Decoding Your Pet's Behaviour

The way your pet pants, rolls over and runs may all have something to do with a message they're trying to tell you. Find out more about what it all means! 

Pet lovers know just how expressive their cats and dogs can be - however, they may not know the secrets behind some common expressions and behaviours.

Whether you're wanting to become a dog whisperer or are simply interested in what certain actions mean, take a look at what these behaviours may indicate:

- Dogs running in circles and chewing furniture

Dogs that appear bored often need more activity in their lives. Active breeds historically used for herding and hunting find it particularly difficult to keep still and live inside.

Dogs that seem restless and eager to move around should be given plenty of room to move. If you have outdoor space, consider some new landscaping ideas that include running pens, or fence in play areas where dogs can safely exercise on their own. Make sure you're regularly walking your dogs outside to keep them fit, healthy and stimulated.

- Cats rolling on the floor

If your cat is fond of dropping to the floor and rolling back and forth, it's most likely she is just looking for attention.

Cats often perform this manoeuvre when their owners are busy with other things. If you can spare the time to pat your cat when she does this, it could help to strengthen your bond.

- Dogs panting

Dogs regulate their body temperatures by panting. They sweat through pads on their feet, and most of their body heat leaves through their mouths when they pant.

Most panting is normal, however, if your pooch starts to do so excessively, it could be a sign of overheating or a chronic health problem. Make sure your dog always has access to cool water and take him to the vet if the panting persists.

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