Beagle Factsheet

Thinking of getting a beagle? Learn everything you need to know about this loving and family oriented breed.

The Beagle is a member of the hound family and was developed for tracking rabbits and hares singularly or in groups. This is a small to medium size dog with long floppy ears and sweet loving expression. The short coat comes in black, white and/or tan.


Full of enthusiasm and brimming with energy, the Beagle is a playful jolly dog with a wonderful sense of fun and a real zest for life. They love and need companionship and many will complain quite loudly when left alone. Beagles are known for suffering from separation anxiety - a canine friend for when you are away can be a huge help. The Beagle is such a friendly pack oriented dog and is happiest living with other pets.

They are intelligent, but can be a little independent and can be quite good at ignoring commands. Training should start early and be positive reward focused. The occasional Beagle can be reserved with strangers but most are incredibly friendly and really can’t be counted as a good guard dog – though many will bark at strange sounds so can make an adequate barking watchdog.

This wonderful little dog fits well into almost any environment, city or country, house or apartment as long as it gets adequate exercise. They love children and their fun loving attitude fits well into a growing family.?


Dogs similar to the Beagle have been around for over 2000 years. The Beagle as we know them today was developed in England in the 1830′s from a variety of hunting hounds.

Special needs:

Beagles are prone to becoming overweight and need to have food and exercise regulated to ensure they stay fit and healthy. The long ears need to be cleaned regularly to prevent infections and parasites.

Overview :

  • Usual life span is around 12-15 years.
  • The Beagle is a scent hound and could be off and running the moment they catch an exciting smell. Always be extra careful when allowing them off lead in an unenclosed area.
  • People looking to buy a Beagle as strictly a pet should buy from pet or show lines, not working, as working lines are usually more energetic and headstrong.

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