6 Steps to Communicate with your Pets

Would you like to know how to talk to your pet? Have you ever wondered why your furry friend is giving you the paw? Find out more with this 6-step guide to animal communication from Simmone Lee.

Being able to communicate with your pet is easier than you think. We’re already communicating with them through body language, voice tones and commands. Now let’s imagine a world where you can talk to your pets and let them know what you would like from them AND here’s the clincher – they understand.

With a bit of practice, it’s so much easier than you think. Here are my 6 easy steps to successful communication - 

6 Step Method to talking to your pets.

1. Animal communication is about using all our 5 senses, so let’s start of with a simple and clear message – write it down.

2. Being present and grounded in your body is really important – no multi tasking here. Animals connect to us through our energy and some can see our mind’s images and feel our inner dialogue. So whether you do a short meditation or deep breathing exercises to bring into your body and present, either way is beneficial to connecting with your pet AND connecting with yourself.

3. Now it’s time to connect with them and all you have to do is:
a. Have a photo of them in front of you
b. Think about them and get an image or feeling of them
c. If you have them next to you or in the same room, look at them and feel them

4.  Now I want you to think about that clear, simple message you wrote down in step 1.
Using your senses to communicate your message
a. See an image of what you wrote down
b. Say it out loud gently
c. Feel what you are saying – there will be emotions connected to what your feeling
You may do this a couple of times to get your message across to them. It’s a new way of communicating between you.

5. Wait for them to respond. A response can come in a number of ways e.g.
a. Come to you as a thought
b. A feeling you may experience
c. An image in your mind
Play with this, until you are more comfortable – you may feel like your making this up BUT intuition is a muscle that develops with more practice.

*Receiving a message is like welcoming someone into your home. You open the door and then stand back to allow them in. If you can imagine doing this when waiting for your answer from your pet.

6. The peace treaty!! Once you are more familiar with connecting to your pet through steps 1-5 easily, then this step is negotiating the peace treaty (what I like to call it) between you and your pet. Getting them to agree to changes or messages is part of the negotiations. It’s also an opportunity for them to let you know what they want – then you may have to agree with your pet to gain the peace treaty ?

Animal Communication Made Easy so everyone can do.

Simonne Lee is an Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Life Strategist and Psychometric Reader. Find out more at www.simonnelee.com or follow her Facebook 

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