5 Unique Pets

You've probably had a cat, dog or a rabbit as a pet at some point in your life - but what about the more exotic pets out there? Here are our top five picks for pets with a difference!

While kittens, puppies and bunnies are standard, we've got a few ideas for those looking for more unique pets to take home. Here are our top five picks with a difference.

Bearded dragon

Bearded dragons are a type of lizard that are gaining in popularity as pets. 

They come in many shades of beige, green and yellow and can be anywhere from 30 to 60 cm long. 

The name 'bearded dragon' comes from the row of slightly spiked scales that can be puffed up around their heads. 

Why are more people choosing bearded dragons as pets? First of all, they are easily to look after and don't require a lot of attention. They don't need walking, but they will be friendly with their owner and play.

They are usually kept in tanks can live for anywhere between five to 13 or 14 years. 

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Miniature pigs

Some people keep full-size pigs as pets when they live on farms and large rural properties - but did you know that you can get miniature pigs as pets too?

These small creatures tend to be around puppy size - although they can be smaller! 

They can take a bit of maintenance, so be prepared to spend a lot of time with your adorable mini pig. 

Remember, you'll need to check with your local council that you are allowed to have one in your area before you make this purchase. 


Axolotls are unique amphibian creatures kept in filtered tanks. You might also know them by the name Mexican Walking Fish.

Technically a salamander species, the creature mixes fish- and lizard-like characteristics and looks similar to a bearded dragon - just an underwater version!

Axolotls are able to grow anywhere between 18 and 36 cm long, so if you opt for this pet make sure your aquarium is big enough to give them some room to move. 

They are a fairly low-maintenance pet, although there are some requirements you will need to fulfil in terms of its tanks and diet. 

The Sphynx cat

Looking for a cat with a difference but just not sure where to start?

The Sphynx cat is just like your average cat in every way - except for the fact it doesn't have any fur.

They make great house pets and their skin is silky smooth to the touch. Apart from more regular bathing and a few extra measures to keep them warm, they are just as low-maintenance as any other cat. 

You can expect Sphynx cats to be playful, curious and smart. That's perfect for owners looking for an intelligent companion that doesn't need a whole lot of special attention.

Miniature goats

Similar to mini pigs, miniature goats are just like the normal variety - simply bred smaller!

If you have a big enough property, why not opt for a friendly and affectionate goat or two?

Miniature goats especially bred and reared for human ownership are great for families as they are known for their docile temperament and for forming close bonds with their owners. Kids in particular will love looking after them and enjoy their playful nature. 

All in all these goats don't take much hard work - all they need is a bit of shelter, fresh water, and grass, bush or hay to munch on, making them best for rural properties. 

Have you been inspired to consider a unique pet? There might be a bearded dragon, Sphynx cat or little goat out there just waiting to join your family! 

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