5 Low-Maintenance Dogs for your Lifestyle

Do you dream of having a dog, but are just not sure you have the time to look after one with your current lifestyle?

Luckily you can probably still reap the benefits of a furry friend if you pick the right breed. Some dogs require less maintenance than others, so you might be able to find just the right one for you.

Here are five of the most low-maintenance dogs you can consider taking home and making a part of your family. 

1. Smooth-coat Chihuahuas

You've probably seen somebody carrying a Chihuahua around with them - even if only in the celebrity gossip pages! These dogs are popular not only due to their small size but also thanks to their low maintenance needs.

According to Purina, Chihuahuas should be avoided for families but are great affectionate pets for a one- or two-person household - so great news for singles and couples! 

Chihuahuas don't need a lot of space, which is perfect for those living in apartments, and don't need much walking. 

In addition to this, grooming requirements are minimal. The odd brush now and again is all that's needed!

2. Bichon Frise

These white, soft and fluffy dogs make the perfect pet, especially for families.

They're smart, easy to train and are very sociable without needing much exercise, and since they are small they don't need a lot of space. Their quiet and easy-going good nature makes them easy to look after.

The only task that takes a bit of time with a Bichon Frise is grooming. Their fluff-prone coat needs to be combed daily and trimmed occasionally, according to Purina. 

3. Basset Hound

These droopy dogs with short legs and long ears are not only adorable, but also very friendly, which makes them great for kids.  They don't need much exercise and often prefer to laze around! They do, however, enjoy a bit of company, so make sure they're not left alone for long periods of time.

Basset Hounds also have low grooming requirements. All they need is a bit of a brush and clean once a week and their claws trimmed when necessary - easy!

4. Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin breed is friendly and affectionate and can be great for singles, couples and families alike. They also fit in well with other pets and animals. 

While they are playful and have a significant amount of energy, they don't need a lot of exercise as they leap around a fair amount themselves. You also won't need to worry about noise as this breed isn't prone to barking.

The Japanese Chin will however need a couple of minutes each day for a combing, as its coat does grow quite long. Aside from that, you will find looking after your Japanese Chin a breeze!

5. Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a dog well-suited to those with less time on their hands. They're affectionate with people, including children, and show lots of love and loyalty - even to any other pets that you may have in the home!

They're easy to train and don't need much exercise so can be ideal for apartment living situations. 

In addition to this, they don't need to be groomed often and are known to be a particularly clean breed. Purina simply recommends using a grooming mitt once a week on the dog's coat. 

With these low-maintenance dog breeds in mind, you can be more confident in making the decision to purchase to a pet for your home. Remember no dog will love being cooped up and left alone all day long, but the breeds listed above are definitely good options for those considering a less demanding animal. 

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Posted by Sam336Report
Don't buy a dog if you don't have the time for it !!! ALL dogs need exercise, socialisation, training and love - not neglect due to a 'busy lifestyle'. sam