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5 Cool Facts about Bearded Dragons

Don't know what a Bearded Dragon is? Here are 5 cool facts to impress your friends with.

Bearded dragons make awesome pets. If you’re thinking about getting one, the video here gives some great tips about caring for one in your home.

Keep reading for some cool facts you can drop into convo at parties to make yourself seem cleverer than you actually are…

1. Beardies naturally live only in Australia

Like so many exotic animals, bearded dragons can only be found in Australia. Unlike so many Australian animals, beardies are extremely averse to killing you, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief and know that they actually make excellent pets for all ages.

2. Bearded dragons don't actually have a beard

It’s true, bearded dragons don’t accessorise their cute little faces with epic facial hair, but when threatened or in the mood for some lovin’, these little guys will puff up and enlarge their spiky throats, giving the “beard” effect. Apparently, beards aren’t just sexy in the human species. What’s cooler, the females’ beards turn jet black when inflated, to show she means business.

3. Bearded dragons only make one noise

Despite what fairy tales might have you believe, your pet dragon won’t talk to you--or make any noise, for that matter. But when threatened, they will emit a low hiss to ward off danger, much like your crazy Aunt Sarah.

4. Dragons use body language to communicate

Your beardie will rapidly bob his head up and down to show smaller, insubordinate males who’s boss as well as to show those sexy lady lizards he’s the man they all want to be with. Beardies are also pretty awesome at waving. When showing submission or simply to say, “Hey I’m one of you,” a bearded dragon will wave one of his forearms in circular motions. The reptile spin on the age-old “wipe on, wipe off.”

5. Beardies can change colour at will

It’s true! Bearded dragons change colour. Not quite as dramatically as your average chameleon, of course. But, on top of all their other survival instincts, if your dragon wants to be warmer, her skin will turn a few shades darker. Conversely, when it’s hot outside, she’ll go lighter. Evolution is still working on the killer evening wear mode for when your dragon just wants to feel fancy.


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