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Guide to Owning a New Puppy
Thumbnail of Dr Anthony Bennett and Dr James Carroll

Guide to Owning a New Puppy

Getting a new puppy in your household? There's a few key things that you need to know to keep them healthy and safe. Dr Anthony Bennett and James Carroll share their expert advice!

Tips for Keeping Chickens at Home

1 minute read

Chickens are becoming increasingly popular pets. Follow these tips from Ant and James to keep them healthy.

The Importance of Microchipping your Pet

1 minute read

The Village Vets, Dr James Carroll and Dr Anthony Bennett provide their expert advice about microchpping.

Cat Cafe to Open in Melbourne

1 minute read

Calling all cat lovers! Australia's first cat cafe is set to open in Melbourne.

6 Tips to Wash your Dog in Winter

2 minute read

Keep your dog well-groomed and clean during winter with these top tips! Follow these simple bathing tips to can ensure your pets stay healthy, happy, and clean all winter long.

Meet the Village Vets

3 minute read

What happens when two first year veterinary students sit next to each other on their first day of university? Fourteen years of mateship and a veterinary practice in country NSW! Find out more about the stars of our new series, Village Vets Australia.

How to Make a Cosy Kennel for your Pooch

3 minute read

No matter where you live in Australia, temperatures drop during the winter months. So how can you ensure your pet stays warm during the long, cold nights? Here's everything you need to know about setting up a kennel, or bed for your pooch.

10 Common Mistakes Pet Owners Make

4 minute read

We love our pets – there’s no doubt about it. But are we taking the best, and safest, care of our four-legged friends?

10 Strange but Practical Uses for Pet Hair

3 minute read

While your pets bring you unconditional love, companionship and laughter, they can also bring a tremendous amount of hair into your home. But there are plenty of practical uses for your pet’s unmanageable mane.

5 Unique Pets

3 minute read

Here are our top five picks for pets with a difference!

Top 5 Dog Breeds in Australia

3 minute read

After deciding you want a dog, you could get overwhelmed by choice. Looking at the most popular breeds in Australia could be a good start.