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Village Vets Episode 2 Recap: Berry
Thumbnail of Dr Anthony Bennett and Dr James Carroll

Village Vets Episode 2 Recap: Berry

Dr Anthony Bennett and Dr James Carroll of Village Vets Australia, talk about the second episode of series 2.

Come See the Village Vets at the Dog Lover's Show!

2 minute read

Dr Anthony Bennett and Dr James Carroll of the Village Vets will solve all of your common dog problems at this month's Dog Lover's Show.

11 Unlikely and Adorable Animal Friendships

4 minute read

Prepare to feel some serious spine-tingling fuzzies for these inseparable interspecies friends! From crazy in love, to bizarre buddies, these animal odd couples will make you wonder why we all can't just get along!

Village Vets: Behind the Scenes of Series 2!

3 minute read

On Village Vets Australia, Anthony Bennett and James Carroll bond with animals and share some major milestones!

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?: A Vet's Perspective

3 minute read

One of the most common questions vets get asked is, "Is pet insurance worth it?" Dr Anthony Bennett and James Carroll provide their expert opinion and advice.

Watch this Man's Beautiful Tribute Video to his Beloved Dog 'Denali'

1 minute read

A US photographer and surfer has created the most incredibly moving video in loving memory of his lifelong friend and dog 'Denali.' Watch it now.

Caring for Senior Pets: Your Questions Answered

5 minute read

Do you have an ageing pet? The Village Vets share their expert advice and dispel some common myths surrounding the care of beloved older animals.

How to Protect Your Pet from Deadly Ticks

4 minute read

Paralysis Ticks are among the most dangerous parasites that can affect your pet. When it comes to protecting your furry friends from these potentially fatal tick bites, prevention is the best approach.

Village Vets Australia Set to Return for Series 2!

2 minute read

We are excited to announce the commissioning of a second season of local production, Village Vets Australia, for The LifeStyle Channel, with production commencing immediately!

4 Reasons Why Vaccination is Vital for Your Dog

2 minute read

Vaccination from 6-8 weeks of age is vital to protect your puppy from life-threatening diseases. Follow expert advice to ensure your dog maintains an adequate level of immunity.

Top Tips to Protect Your Dog from Ticks

3 minute read

Protect your dog from the deadly paralysis tick with expert advice from celebrity vets, James Carroll and Anthony Bennett of the popular show Village Vets Australia.