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Village Vets Vent the Truth on Gastric Ulcers
Thumbnail of Dr Anthony Bennett and Dr James Carroll

Village Vets Vent the Truth on Gastric Ulcers

If you have a horse, you may want to listen up.

WATCH: Abused Dog is Petted For the First Time

1 minute read

A viral video depicts an abused dog being petted for the first time by its new owner.

Does Your Pet Have 'Otitis Externa'?

2 minute read

Otitis exterma is an extremely common condition that often sees pets end up in a vets office. But have you heard of it?

How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

3 minute read

As the weather warms up, more people will be spending time in the great outdoors, and usually this means that their dogs* will too.

11-Year-Old Girl Learns to Walk With Dog's Help

1 minute read

Bella Burton was born with Morquio syndrome, which affects her bone growth and limited her mobility. She started walking earlier this year with the support of a service dog named George.

A Dog Goes to the Vet

1 minute read

Follow these expert tips to ensure a successful trip to the vet, every time.

The Village Vets Australia Launch Book: Village Vets!

2 minute read

Best mates since they met on their first day at uni, The Village Vets Australia Anthony Bennett and James Carroll launch their fist book!

Five Tips For A Healthy, Happy Puppy!

3 minute read

Cute-as-can-be celebrity pups seem to be the accessory of the last few seasons. But experts say that the health of your hound should always be a priority over how pretty they are! Here are five essential factors to ensure your furry friend is happy, healthy and friendly for the long term.

Village Vets Episode 2 Recap: Berry

2 minute read

Dr Anthony Bennett and Dr James Carroll of Village Vets Australia, talk about the second episode of series 2.

Come See the Village Vets at the Dog Lover's Show!

2 minute read

Dr Anthony Bennett and Dr James Carroll of the Village Vets will solve all of your common dog problems at this month's Dog Lover's Show.

11 Unlikely and Adorable Animal Friendships

4 minute read

Prepare to feel some serious spine-tingling fuzzies for these inseparable interspecies friends! From crazy in love, to bizarre buddies, these animal odd couples will make you wonder why we all can't just get along!