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Pawternity leave offers paid leave to pet parents
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Pawternity leave offers paid leave to pet parents

With a small number of companies beginning to introduce pawternity leave, could paid leave to take care of your pet be the way of the future?

Cat communication: Here's how to tell if your cat is healthy and happy

4 minute read

A cat's meow could mean a thousand things. We spoke to animal behaviourist Dr Jo Righetti about how to know if your feline friend is in tiptop shape.

See Stunning Images from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards

3 minute read

The breathtaking images from the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition have been revealed.

5 Amazing Dog-Friendly Hotels

2 minute read

Ever wondered where the best places in the world are to pamper your pooch? Here’s a list of the world’s best hotels which are geared up to cater for you and your furry little adventurer.

6 Things You Need to Know About Raising a Healthy Dog

3 minute read

Dr Katrina Warren explains what you need to be mindful of when getting a new pet.

Stray Dog Waits for Woman at her Hotel for Months

1 minute read

A German woman adopted a stray dog in Argentina after it kept coming back to see her.

Village Vets Vent the Truth on Gastric Ulcers

2 minute read

If you have a horse, you may want to listen up.

WATCH: Abused Dog is Petted For the First Time

1 minute read

A viral video depicts an abused dog being petted for the first time by its new owner.

Does Your Pet Have 'Otitis Externa'?

2 minute read

Otitis exterma is an extremely common condition that often sees pets end up in a vets office. But have you heard of it?

How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

3 minute read

As the weather warms up, more people will be spending time in the great outdoors, and usually this means that their dogs* will too.

11-Year-Old Girl Learns to Walk With Dog's Help

1 minute read

Bella Burton was born with Morquio syndrome, which affects her bone growth and limited her mobility. She started walking earlier this year with the support of a service dog named George.