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 'It lasted an hour' Kmart fan blasts pet bed in scathing review
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'It lasted an hour' Kmart fan blasts pet bed in scathing review

Pet owners aren’t happy with this popular Kmart product.

LOWES launches dog flannos so that you can match your pet pooch this winter!

2 minute read

Here’s one way to keep your dog warm this winter – matching flanno jackets!

You can now get custom-made earrings of your pet's face!

6 minute read

Show the world just how much you love your furry friend and have their face made into an adorable accessory!

Can your pets get Coronavirus? Here are the facts.

2 minute read

It's a scary time and you want to keep your family safe - all members of your family. Here is everything you need to know about Coronavirus and your pets.

Aldi is selling adorable tiny sofas for your dog at a budget price

1 minute read

Now you can Netflix and chill with your pooch in style!

The RSPCA is offering $29 adoptions this weekend

2 minute read

If you’ve been thinking about welcoming a four-legged friend into your family, you’re in luck!

Sleeping in the same bed as your dog can make you happier and healthier!

2 minute read

A Mayo Clinic sleep study reveals that sharing your bedroom with your pup is good for your health.

How pampering your pooch could leave you at risk of disease

2 minute read

You may think of your dog as another human - but new statistics show this attitude can be damaging to your health.

This workplace is offering paid paw-ternity leave. Here’s how you can get it, too

3 minute read

Paid leave to look after your pet is now actually a thing.

How to take Insta-worthy pictures of your pet

2 minute read

Here's how to capture your pet's cutest moments.

The best dog-friendly Airbnbs in Australia

1 minute read

Never suffer from kennel-drop-off remorse again with these lush pet-friendly accommodation options