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Sleeping in the same bed as your dog can make you happier and healthier!
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Sleeping in the same bed as your dog can make you happier and healthier!

A Mayo Clinic sleep study reveals that sharing your bedroom with your pup is good for your health.

How pampering your pooch could leave you at risk of disease

2 minute read

You may think of your dog as another human - but new statistics show this attitude can be damaging to your health.

This workplace is offering paid paw-ternity leave. Here’s how you can get it, too

3 minute read

Paid leave to look after your pet is now actually a thing.

How to take Insta-worthy pictures of your pet

2 minute read

Here's how to capture your pet's cutest moments.

The best dog-friendly Airbnbs in Australia

1 minute read

Never suffer from kennel-drop-off remorse again with these lush pet-friendly accommodation options

The cutest costumes for your pet this Halloween

1 minute read

The spooookiest day of the year is nearly upon us! Here's how to get your pet involved in the Halloween fun.

Common mistakes dog owners make

3 minute read

If you ask most proud dog parents if they're treating their pooch right, the response would be a resounding yes, but what if all the things we do out of love aren't always the best of ideas?

5 ways to care for your ageing pet

3 minute read

While we might not want to think about our pet getting on in years, our fur babies will inevitably get older.

Pet-o-scopes: What does your pet's star sign mean?

3 minute read

While they may not be able to communicate using words, understanding astrology can shed light on your furbaby’s personality.

How to introduce a new pet to your home

4 minute read

The thought of welcoming a new pet into the house is always extremely exciting, but sometimes it isn’t always as straightforward as you’d expect.

DIY ways to cattify your home

5 minute read

Easy DIY ways to make your home cat-friendly (without living in a sea of discarded toy mice).