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Penelope Quinn

Craft Expert

    room fragrances 

    Hi, instructions are a little fuzzy. Put the herbs and spices in a jar for a week? with or without water? Bring to the boil then simmer....How long for? are the ingredients whole, cut up, eucalyptus leaves are whole or chopped up? I would be interested in making my own with the ingredients you suggest but hesitate as instructions are not clear. They may be in your head, but then I am not a mind reader...thanks for your help if you can. cheers

    Painting on fabric 

    can you tell me what sort of paint is best for painting on denim clothing, I don't want it to be to hard and I'd like it to look like a normal painting

    painting over silver to gold 

    I have bought a chandelier from our local hardware Master's Store which has silver attachments - (unable to get it in gold but price was fantastic plus just the style I wanted) how can I paint over it to change it to gold? Would greatly appreciate any help you can give. many thanks Eunice

    making paper flowers for cards 

    I hope you can help me I would like to make some flat?? flowers to put on cards that I make, so that I can send them to my friend through the mail.Thank you Anne

    What is a fun and easy weekend craft project to do with my sons who are 10 and 12 years old? 

    Hi Penelope, What is a fun and easy weekend craft project to do with my sons who are 10 and 12 years old? Thank you, Melissa

    Cork Notice Boards 

    I have some left over cork floor tiles and would like to make some noticeboards as gifts. I am looking for funky ways to make them sturdy, useful and eyecatching - any ideas


    When I was little I used to love collecting buttons and for years I have been contemplating making bracelets out of them. Do you have any inventive ideas ???

    recycle old jewellery 

    ideas for necklace using old beads and assorted old jewellery

    Craft for children 

    Hi Penny, What crafts are best for children?

    Looking for Inspiration 

    Hi Penny, I want to get into craft. What materials should I start with?

Love enhancing the everyday and cherishing the past? Join Penny on her quest to keep home-made alive.

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