Paul West

River Cottage Australia Expert

    Slaughter Chickens 

    Hello Paul, my husband and I are having about 10 chickens (Sussex) and one of them - our "golden chicken" breads every year, so that we can slaughter 2 or 3 chickens a year. We'd like to know where we can buy the appartus/equipment you used to brake the neck of the chickens and how its called. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely Sandra Blaauw

    Chefs knife 

    Hi Paul i would like to ask your smithy if he would quote me a price to make me a chefs knife as seen on the program and ship to the UK (cheers mate)

    Season 3 

    Hi Paul....just wondering when the new season of RCA will b aired. We enjoy the show so much and it seems like an age since Series 2 ended Looking forward to watching more of the adventures at RC Happy days


    Hi Paul Firstly I want to say how much I love the show. My second question is to ask if you would be able to forward a photo of your tree tattoo on your forearm. I love the design and am having one done later this week and if possible would like to have a similar one to yours. Many thank, Marcus

    Next series 

    Hi Paul, I love your programme and would love a lifestyle like yours! My kids Milan(9) and Tamara (6) are even bigger fans! They are constantly asking me when we can move to a farm and have cows and pigs and make cheese! Unfortunately we are confined to the suburbs of Sydney due to work etc but hopefully someday we can make the move. In the meantime the kids are constantly asking me when River Cottage will come back on. Are you working on a series 3? Cheers Jason

    Endeavour sailing to Tasmania Wooden boat Festival 

    Hi Paul I am the Catering officer off HMB Endeavour I had the pleasure to see the capstan race at Eden. After wards i thought you guys may have liked to come aboard and check out our galley? So with the great produce of Tassie, and your interest in sustainability i thought if were down in Hobart you might like to visit/ check out our galley Maybe use the ship as a venue for a program. Cheers give us a yell if it sounds good Nigel

    Season 3 

    Love your show and wondered when Season 3 is coming out?

    cottage and ricotta 

    In layman's terms can you tell me what the difference is between cottage and ricotta cheese. Thanks heaps. Have a great Festive Season.


    Its not really a question but I was wondering if you had considered aquaponics for a different style of farming. I just thought it may be interesting as a few people from work are currently experimenting with this technique Andrew

    Gourmet experience 

    My husband is River Cottage's most avid supporter. Please let me know if there ever is a gourmet experience that we can attend. Regards Annette

Tasmanian chef Paul's dream is to run a self-sufficient farm.

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