Paul West

River Cottage Australia Expert

Raising and Processing Animals for Consumption

Paul West gets some tips from the experts on how to humanely raise and process his farm animals.

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How to Joint a Chicken: Step-by-Step

Paul West gives a step by step guide on how to joint a chicken.

Tips For Coastal Foraging

Get some top tips for coastal foraging for Octopus, Lobster, and Mussels.

Top Tips for Keeping Chickens at Home

Here are Paul West’s tips for caring for your chickens in your backyard.

Nose to Tail Eating

Find out more about the Nose to Tail eating philosophy.

The Cheese of Tilba

Find out more about the ABC Cheese Factory and Dairy Farm as seen in River Cottage Australia.

How to Make Cow Poo Brew

Discover the natural benefits of a liquid compost and fertiliser.

How to Construct a Veggie Garden

Paul West and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall share their tips as they construct the very first River Cottage Australia Vegetable Garden.

Top Tips for Prepping and Cooking Octopus

Find out more about the octopus of Wallaga Lake and get Paul West's top cooking preparation tips.

Paul West is our Aussie Hugh

Production has commenced on River Cottage Australia with new host, Paul West.

Tasmanian chef Paul's dream is to run a self-sufficient farm.

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