Paul West

River Cottage Australia Expert

10 Basic Tools Every Gardener Needs

Want to get into gardening? You'll need these 10 basic tools to get you started!

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What To Feed Your Farm Animals

Feeding your animals a complete and balanced diet is essential if they are to stay healthy and lay a lot of eggs or provide fresh milk for you and your family! Paul West shares his expert tips.

How to Make Green Manure

Paul West shows you a low-cost way to improve the fertility of your soil using organic matter.

How To Build a Perfect Winter Campfire

Nothing beats an evening sitting by a warm campfire under the stars. This step-by-step guide from Paul West will provide you with all the must-know information on how to create a cosy and safe winter campfire.

Paul West's Guide to Growing Greens

Host of River Cottage Australia, Paul West, shares his expert advice to help you plant and enjoy greens at home.

How To Build a Recycled Timber Apple Box

Transform old timber into a revived, smart-looking apple box so you can collect your seasonal goodies! Follow Paul West's handy How To guide.

Paul West at the Pyrmont Festival!

Take a closer look at Paul West's visit to the annual Pyrmont Festival in Sydney and get his delicious recipe for Wagyu Meatballs!.

Book Launch Tour With Paul West!

Paul West will be hosting book launch events up and down the East Coast!

How to Cook Lavosh

Learn how to make your own at home and cook along with Paul!

Building a Solar Dryer

All you need is a simple homemade frame and the sun!

How to Make Goats Curd

Learn how simple it is to make goat's curd!

Tasmanian chef Paul's dream is to run a self-sufficient farm.

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