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How involved should your kids be in your divorce?
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How involved should your kids be in your divorce?

A new Australian study reveals that when it comes to divorce and separation, keeping kids out of it may not be as kind as previously believed.

What to say to your kids to solve any parenting dilemma

6 minute read

Parenting is no easy ride, but sticking to a script could help you discuss difficult issues with your children. Parenting experts Heather and Julie believe they have the exact words for parents to handle any situation.

When is the right time to introduce your kids to your new partner?

3 minute read

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you have children. But when the time comes to introduce your kids to a new partner, a whole new set of challenges can potentially arise. Here's how to handle with care.

Why I let my teenagers make mistakes

3 minute read

They say good judgement comes from bad experience. Mel Hearse reveals how she uses the philosophy to allow her kids to learn while they’re still in her care.

"I went back to work four days after giving birth"

5 minute read

Following the birth of her daughter Neve, New Zealand PM Jacinda Arden is due to be back at her desk in less than six weeks. We spoke to one Aussie mum who returned to work in record time to discover what a short maternity leave is really like.

When is the right time to have The Talk?

4 minute read

Talking to your kids about sex needn’t be scary or awkward. So why is it so hard to decide when is the right time to have "The Talk"?

Modern day jobs to prep your teen for life

3 minute read

Far from pocket money spinners, Mel Hearse has chosen her kids' chores with an eye to their future lives when they've flown the family coop.

When is the right time to allow my child on social media?

4 minute read

Social media is a huge part of life for most adults, but even more so for tweens and teens. So how do you know when to allow them to start their online presence?

My kids stayed with their grandparents while I holidayed: Here's why I'll do it again

4 minute read

When Mel Hearse left her kids with their grandparents for two weeks to go on holiday, she was inundated by lazy parenting comments. But she wasn't simply taking up a free babysitting service as her critics assumed: Instead Mel - and parenting experts - say both her parents and her sons received a gift that will last a lifetime.

How can I monitor my child's mobile screen time?

3 minute read

When your child receives their first mobile phone, a conversation about limiting their screen time is due to take place. Psychologist and owner of Digital Nutrition, Jocelyn Brewer, gives her expert advice on how to tackle this minefield laden issue.

Life dilemma: What to do when a family member breaks your trust

4 minute read

There’s nothing quite like having your father walk you down the aisle but what about when he sells you down the river? Meghan Markle discovered the answer to that question the hard way this week, just days before her wedding to Prince Harry. Can you come back from such a huge betrayal? Registered psychologist, Seija Herat, believes we can, but advises it takes some effort.