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Bulletproof Colours for a Failproof Room Makeover
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Bulletproof Colours for a Failproof Room Makeover

Shaynna Blaze shares her tried-and-true colour suggestions.

How to Paint your Weatherboard House

While Weatherboard Houses may be popular with buyers, it's important to always make sure that the paint work is up to scratch.

13 Awesome Things You Can Do With Spray Paint

By Penelope QuinnOn 7 May

Think again before you throw out those old nick-nacks. You can give them a whole new lease of life with just a few blasts of spray paint!

How To Choose a Colour Combination for your Home

By Shaynna BlazeOn 5 Mar

Shaynna Blaze provides her expert tips to select a colour combination suit the style of your home.

How To Paint Floorboards

By Shaynna BlazeOn 13 Feb

Painting floorboards is a great, cost-effective way to lift a room. Shaynna Blaze shows you how!

Paint Your Home Pastel

Pastel colours can look fantastic when used as part of a home decor colour scheme, but it can be tricky to know how to incorporate them. Find out with these tips.

How To Create a Personalised Interior You Love

By Shaynna BlazeOn 16 Jan

Shaynna Blaze shares her top 5 tips for drawing inspiration from everyday life to create a personalised interiors colour scheme you love

Top Tips to Use Colour on Your Home Exterior

Get advice on using colour effectively on the exterior of your home.

Waking Up Wooden Furniture With Paint

Give drab wooden furniture a makeover!

How To Make A Room Look Larger

By Shaynna BlazeOn 3 Apr

Can you make your home feel bigger, without having to knock down the walls? Shaynna Blaze shows you how.

Top 10 colour creations from Selling Houses Australia

Colour choice is critical when it comes to making over a home. To celebrate 10 episodes and 100 years, we take a look at the top 10 colour makeovers as seen on Selling Houses Australia.