Outdoor Rooms

Messy Garage Clean Up
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Messy Garage Clean Up

Shannon Lush shows how to clean up a messy garage or workshop.

Need More Outdoor Storage?

1 minute read

Need more outdoor storage? Here's a clever idea from Shannon Lush.

Care For Outdoor Furniture

3 minute read

Give outdoor furniture a fresh lease on life.

Outdoor Kitchen : Pizza Oven & Herb Garden

5 minute read

See how to pot herbs in your backyard and more.

Maintenance outside the home

2 minute read

Regular maintenance outside the home is just as important as maintenance inside the home. Here’s what to look out for when doing a check up outside.

Choosing Outdoor Furniture

2 minute read

Inside Out magazine has done the all the legwork to bring you the ultimate guide to outdoor furniture.

Turn A Backyard Shed Into A Room

1 minute read

Make your old shed into a room you can actually use.

Style An Outdoor Room For Summer

2 minute read

Ensure outdoor settings are summer-ready without breaking the budget. A seasonal change doesn’t have to mean a radical one.

Fix Common Problems in External Areas

2 minute read

Luke Van Dyck helps you fix common problems in outdoor areas in his new book, Home Maintenance.

Tips to Create an Outdoor Oasis

2 minute read

Whether your goal is to relax, entertain, dine, or simply escape this summer, follow these tips to maximise your outdoor living space.