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How to protect your outdoor space from harsh weather
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How to protect your outdoor space from harsh weather

Shaynna Blaze demonstrates how simple it is to install a straight drop awning to protect your outdoor space from the harsh Australian sun.

How to install a lush vertical garden

Perfect as a statement piece in smaller gardens, Charlie Albone shows you how to create a vertical garden.

Terrifying glass-bottomed pool hangs 40 floors up

An infinity pool in a luxury Texas apartment block is the stuff of nightmares for those with a fear of heights.

The pros and cons of selling with a pool

It’s no secret that Australians love swimming, but is it really worth buying a house with a pool from a value perspective? Property guru Andrew Winter dives in!

How to make over a house with a featureless frontage

Gardening guru Charlie Albone shares his top tips to sell a house with a boring facade - as seen in Selling Houses Australia.

Create an Amazing Outdoor Entertaining Area

Want to create a beautiful outdoor entertaining space? Shaynna Blaze is here to help!

How To Replace Decking Boards

If your decking boards have seen better days, here are some DIY tips on how you can replace them.

11 Low-Cost Things to do in the School Holidays

Summer holidays are coming! Here are some top ideas to keep the little ones entertained on a budget (or for free!)

Shipping Container Pools are Here to Save Your Summer

Don't have the time, money or space to dig a giant hole in your backyard and fill it with concrete and water? Well, some crafty devils have discovered the perfect solution.

15 of the Best Budget Buys for your Backyard

With spring on the horizon, now is the time to really focus on your outdoor zones by creating an external living space that beckons during balmier seasons.

Add Value to Your Home Through Your Garden

After purchasing a property, Emma Bangay and her husband made external renovations a priority. And they have watched the investment grow as a result.