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Wardrobe goals: How to store your summer clothes
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Wardrobe goals: How to store your summer clothes

Winter is upon us and it’s time to pull out your coats and put away your bikinis. Follow this guide to ensure your summer wardrobe is ready for the beach again come November.

The rise of the silent space: Creating a peaceful room in your home

Shaynna Blaze explains why creating a quiet haven in your home has its benefits.

Dining Table Designs

The dining table used to be the place where the family came together, but these days it’s now ended up on the endangered species list. Shannon Fricke looks at some stylish dining table options.

Glass Houses

The Australian climate and its inhabitant’s lust for outdoor living, means glass is prominent in many homes, both as an architectural feature and design feature.

Home Office Design

If you don’t have a spare room in your house for a home office, we show you some easy ways to combine the two.

Balgowlah Rumpus Room

With minimum effort, our stylist Shannon Fricke brings maximum effect to a rumpus room transformation.

Laundry Makeover

No one likes doing the laundry but Shannon Fricke has some ideas on making the task slightly more enjoyable.

Home Office Remodel

Shannon Fricke comes to the rescue of a cluttered home office space.

Nursery Decorating

How to decorate the nursery for a traditional, modern or funky look.

Home Office Decorating

Kevin McCloud demonstrates how to make the most from your home office.

Dressing Room Decorating

Most guest rooms lie unused most of the time, so why not turn yours into a multi-purpose space that’s still practical for overnight visitors? It could even show potential buyers how versatile your home is...