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Decorating the Guest Bedroom for Christmas

Decorating the Guest Bedroom for Christmas

Holiday guests who will be staying at your home, whether they are family or friends, will appreciate the added touches that you add to the space to make it feel more festive.

Decorating Your Home Office The Holidays

Whether it is Valentine's Day or Christmas, there are always ways that you can add some holiday cheer to your home office.

Set A Happy Mood In Your Foyer

Make the entrance to your house an inviting place with these easy steps.

Decorating Ideas For Your Office Space

Interior designer and television personality Juliet Love, shares some simple tips on creating a beautiful, functional workspace for the new financial year.

Designing a Teen Game Room

Teenagers love to have their own space and creating a game room allows them to have just that.

How To Renovate A Home Attic

See how to convert an attic space into a usable room.

Create A Sound Proof Room

Soundproofing a room can be done to both new and existing homes.

How To Create Contrast In A Room

See how to use this handy home decorating tip.

Using Alcoves In Unusually Shaped Rooms

See how to utilises alcoves for unique storage solutions.

Multifunctional Room Tips

Go from cluttered to multifunctional with designer Richard Randall’s tips.

Office Space In A Bedroom

Make a space for work and relaxation at home.