Organic Gardening Tips & Ideas

How to Make Cow Poo Brew
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How to Make Cow Poo Brew

Discover the natural benefits of a liquid compost and fertiliser.

The Benefits of Organic Produce

There’s nothing like getting delicious fruit and veggies fresh from the farm gate.

How To Grow Garlic

Is an essential flavour in countless dishes, so why not have garlic fresh and organic in your own garden? Janie Varkulevicius shows us how...

Compost Gardening Solutions: Heaps of Goodness

Compost is something every serious food gardener should understand and practise, says expert gardener Jeni Foster

The Benefits of Organic Living

It's no wonder Shelley Pryor is the picture of health.

Peppermint Bay

Award-winning Peppermint Bay in Tasmania is a truly stunning location, where the food experience is focussed on ‘quality, uniqueness, freshness and seasonality’.

Why You Need Rainwater Tanks

See how to utilise water in your garden thanks to rainwater tanks.


Envirobrix are a range of bricks blocks and other decorative building products made from industrial waste materials.

Recycled Sleepers and Retaining Wall

Evertuff Recycled Sleepers are 98% recycled plastic, made from milk and juice containers, cling wrap, plastic bags and old plastic rainwater tanks that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

‘Grey to Green’ Grey Water System

The ‘Grey To Green’ system harnesses that water storing it overnight and releasing it through a drip irrigation system through the garden.

MultiPanel Designs

Multipanel building panels are durable, lightweight, energy-efficient and zero-VOC emitting building panels.