Would you use re-usable toilet paper? Here's what you need to know

As strange as it sounds, reusable toilet paper could be the new normal as toilet paper sells out across the country.

About a year ago reusable toilet paper became a thing, which thankfully, didn’t quite catch on.

But now that everyone is crazily stockpiling toilet paper thanks to Coronavirus quarantine fears, could this become the new normal?

While most hope this isn’t the case, here’s what you need to know.

Reusable toilet paper – or the Family Cloth, as it is also strangely known – is an eco-friendly cloth toilet paper that you basically wash and reuse after every wipe – which is not ideal!

The material squares can be used as singular cloths, or clip together to make a ‘toilet roll’.

The cloth is made of two layers of flannel or cotton with one roll containing 20 sheets. After each use they are placed in a hamper in the bathroom before being washed and reused – much like having a nappy bin full of dirty nappies.

Now, this poses a couple of important things to consider. Firstly, who would volunteer to do that dirty load of washing? And secondly, depending on the number of people in your house, you could literally be washing cloths full of wee and poo for days on end.

While most aren’t too keen on the idea – with good reason - lots of people love the idea.

In fact, Isabelle who has been making and selling the reusable cloths for five-and-a-half-years says her Etsy business is booming.

“I did sell more toilet paper in February than usual," she tells LifeStyle. "February is usually a slow month but this year, it did not slow down!"

She sells her hand-sewn cloths for around $60 per roll, depending on the design you choose. As far as implementing them into your own home, Isabelle says every family is different.

“People have different method according to how often they do laundry, some will wash them with baby cloth diapers, some with clothing, some with household linens, it all depends on where each individual is in their zero-waste journey and what they are comfortable with,” she said.

And while it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the reviews at her Etsy store pretty much speak for themselves.

“Way better than toilet paper!” one person commented on Etsy.

“Love the fact that it’s made from upcycled cotton. Lovely design and quite convenient,” said another.

“These are awesome! Trying as best we can to become "zero waste" and these were so easy to integrate into our family routine. Thank you!” another fan said.

While we are all for living a eco-friendly lifestyle, converting to this method permanently might be taking things a little too far.

When it comes to pandemic planning, making your own hand sanitizer might be more your thing.

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