Woman hates her name so much she changed it - but is her mum's reaction over the top?!

This comes after she claimed she felt it sounded too 'complicated.'

Naming a baby is quite the responsibility. Will it be sweet enough for a child? Does it compliment the surname? Well one baby who grew to a be an adult - took matters in her own hands and opted to change her name after years of despising it.

Taking to Reddit, the woman who legally changed her name more than a year ago explained she was born "Emma-Leigh Izobel [Lastname]", but was known by those around her as "Em" instead.

"Mom likes unique names, and yes my siblings have similarly weird names. And yes, the hyphen in my first name was a pain in the a**," she said.

Despite feeling an incredible sense of distaste for her name, she said that ultimately, she decided to change her name for "professional purposes".

More than 12 months on, she finally built up the courage to share the fact that she changed her name with her family - and, as expected - they were not thrilled.

"I'm now Emily Isabelle[ Lastname.] I changed it for professional purposes since I felt my old name wasn’t suited for a more serious setting. Also I was tired of people spelling it wrong," she said.

"I’ve spent the last however long changing all my other legal/personal stuff to the new, correct name. I finally told my mother since it might be important someday.

"I figured she'd not like me changing it but she was actually very emotional." 

And her mum isn't the only family member who was offended by her name change.

"My sister also thinks I shouldn’t have changed it without telling anyone first and that it was mean to do that to our mum," she said.

"My mother is acting a bit over the top in my opinion and I don’t see how this is a huge deal, since the name is the same just spelled differently."

Meanwhile, Reddit users took to her post to give her a piece of their mind on the matter.

 "Your mum seems to be very selfish with this bit. She doesn't seem to realise the burden of having a weirdly spelled common name/long name," one said.

A second added, "You have to live with the name, not your mum. Plus, the changes are mostly spelling rather than sound, so it’s not like it’s changed anything drastic about what she calls you."

Meanwhile, one admitted that the name change itself is not the major issue at hand.

"Changing the name isn't the problem, it's doing it without having a heart to heart with her mother first that's the problem.

"From her mother's perspective, not only did her daughter throw away a name that she put a lot of thought into and loved, she didn't even have the kindness to let her know and explain why she felt she needed to do it. Of course she's hurt."

Others even shared odd names they'd encountered over the years.

"There was a girl in my elementary named 'Gay Child' like [why] would you do that to your kid?" one said.

Eek. Do you think the woman had a point? Or was her mum right to be upset? Let us know on LifeStyle's Facebook and Instagram page.

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