Woman fears that her husband is too smelly to stay married. 'I'm at my wit's end!'

"It's very disrespectful to the world and me," said the desperate wife about her husband's hygiene.

How your partner smells is an important part of attraction. A Macquarie University study showed that 77 per cent of people who like their partner's smell experience a calming effect when they encounter it.

This is apparently especially true for heterosexual women, who, in the study, ranked the scent of a man higher than what he looks like when defining attractiveness.

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So, it is understandable that one desperate woman reached out for advice because she cannot stand her husband's smell. It's not just his natural aroma; she is at the end of her nerve when it comes to his "filthiness".

The stressed-out wife wrote to the Dear Annie advice column, penned by Annie Lane. She explained that she has been married to her husband for ten years, together for 12 years, and "his hygiene is atrocious".

She admitted that "he was like this before we married", but she hoped she could change him for the better. Although they have "endless discussions about this, and he always says he'll get better", his hygiene has never improved. In fact, "he seems to be worse than ever".

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The writer revealed that her husband has bad personal hygiene habits, not showering for days and refusing to shave.

"We just got back from visiting my children, and he has not shaved for over a month. It's disgusting."

His lack of effort has even impacted their sex life, as she is too put off to touch him: "I refuse to kiss him goodnight with a beard that has food, sneezing and coughing in it."

She adds to the description, claiming he looks "worse than a homeless person", and feels that his lack of cleanliness is "It's very disrespectful to the world and me".

Although she is "at [her] wit's end" she doesn't want to end their relationship. 

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"I don't want to divorce him, but I can't stand this any more. He only showers maybe once a week and has gone up to three weeks without a shower," she explained. "He's a nice guy in other ways."

In response, advice columnist, Annie Lane, questions how the woman has "tolerated his poor hygiene for as long as you have". 

She suggests trying to make bathing fun for the woman's husband: "Suggest that you shower together or that if he washes his beard or shaves it off, you will kiss him goodnight."

Although Annie does warn that perhaps his poor hygiene is a sign of something more serious, and the couple should consider going to therapy together. 

"Reassure him that you don't want a divorce but that you want to help him feel better about himself."

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