Mother-in-law takes drastic steps to 'force' her son and his pregnant wife to move in with her

"It's been so tiring constantly having to live with her drama while focusing on my pregnancy."

Pregnancy can be a magical time for mums-to-be. Simultaneously, it can be a stressful time, throwing out new issues that you might have never previously had to consider. While pregnant women come to balance their own hormone-fueled sensitivities, you also suddenly have to take on the sensitivities around the parenting and pregnancy of your loved ones.

A seven-month pregnant woman took to Reddit, under the name Butteronmybiscuits, to share what she has had to deal with during her pregnancy.

Writing on the 'JUSTNOMIL' subforum, a place for people to share negative stories of their mother-in-laws, she explained that her partner's mother had crossed the line in her obsession with her unborn grandchild.

In an effort to convince the parents-to-be to move in with her after the baby is born, the poster's mother-in-law broke into their house and stole items from the nursery. The mother-in-law then used the items to set up a baby's room in her own home.

According to the Redditor, this sort of behaviour was not new for her mother-in-law. She had "been making [...] life miserable" since the announcement of her pregnancy.

"She'd call everyday to check on her unborn 'precious grandbaby,' wrote the poster. "She tried to talk me into going to the doctor's appointment with her, demanded that we send her sonogram picture of our baby, and went nuts when we ignored her request."

The stressed mum-to-be also mentioned that her husband is required to travel a lot for work. "I'm home alone most of the time, I['ve] been staying at my mum’s for a while until my husband comes back from his trip."

Due to this fact, her mother-in-law called her and recommended that, when the pregnant Redditor has the baby, she should move in with mother-in-law. It would give her access to her new grandchild, while also providing support for the recovering mum.

"My answer was clear, I told her, no, thank you. We've already discussed/arranged for that and decided that I will go over to my mum’s after I get out of the hospital,” she responded.

But her mother-in-law would not allow her to refuse. While the poster was at her mother's house, her husband's mother got into their house, using her extra key, and packed up and moved their baby's nursery to her house. She took "the mattress, blankets, clothes and diaper packs," leaving them with nothing.

When confronted, "she tried to sugar coat it and say that I won't have to move the nursery over to my mom's now, and that she had everything set and organised. She even said that she bought other stuff for the baby that she couldn't wait to show me."

The furious pregnant woman "snapped" and demanded that her mother-in-law return all her baby's items. 

"She called me 'bitter' [and] said that I was being rude to her while she was trying to help. She kept stalling, basically making this about her feelings.

"I spent hours just yelling at her on the phone, and begging her to return my baby's stuff, but she decided to be a b**** and ignore me."

Other Redditors in the group offered the bewildered woman support and advice, many suggesting that she should take legal action against her mother-in-law.

"Call the cops to get your stuff back. Change the locks, do not ever give her another key," one person commented.

Another wrote: "So, um, how do you feel about filing a police report? Because you quite literally WERE robbed."

Some even recommended that she cut off her mother-in-law's contact with her baby completely.

"Personally, I wouldn't trust her one bit ever again. No sleep overs, no vacations to Disneyworld, no trips to meet distant relatives... NO time alone with child ever," said one concerned Redditor.

A second commented: "She does this because she thinks her son is her property. Therefore his wife is also her property and his baby is her property. His home and its contents are her's, and she can move [the poster's] baby's things to her home with no more thought than she would give to rearranging her own kitchen."

What do you think? Did she go too far?

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