How this photo of a ‘selfish’ Woolworths shopper sparked a huge online debate

A Woolworths shopper has caused a controversial debate, after sharing a photo online of another customer’s grocery haul.

Taking to Facebook, the ‘disappointed and angry’ shopper said she was shocked when the person in front of her lined up to purchase 15 trays of mince.

Apart from the huge haul, the upset shopper from Melbourne claims she was the only person to question the huge amount of mince meat being purchased.

“So disappointed and angry to see a woman spend about $1200 at Woolworths Highett this morning, with an enormous trolley,” she wrote.

“Her items included about 15 trays of mince. So so selfish. I was the only person who challenged her. Manager was ‘not in yet’.”

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The comments were made just hours before metropolitan Melbourne residents entered Stage Four lockdown due to the growing spread of Coronavirus.

“Your stores must stand up to these disgusting individuals and think of those who live week to week and can’t get supplies and are possibly frightened now, thanks to that appalling behaviour,” the upset shopper continued.

Panic buying throughout Melbourne has increased once again since stricter lockdown laws began, locking the state down for six weeks. 

Other Facebook users were quick to respond to the comments, many of whom were angry not becasue of the haul, but because the bulk-buying shopper was being unnecessarily ‘judged’.

“Nothing gives you a right to ‘challenge’ the person. You don’t know her story, you don’t know why she was shopping for that much food,” one person commented.

“Maybe she lives out of town and that’s her shop that she does every month, maybe she has a wedding to cater for and is doing all the cooking, maybe she works in homeless kitchen, or maybe like me she owns a small business.”

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Other’s questioned exactly what the person had done wrong.

“You ‘challenged’ her and took a photo? Why? She did nothing wrong, you just didn’t agree with her grocery choices,” one said.

“Some people are quick to judge. That person could be getting things for elderly neighbours in the street also, could be a small business, have a huge family, who knows,” said another.

However the disgruntled shopper stood by her comments saying, “I work with elderly who suffered at the hands of hoarders last time. We can’t just look out only for ourselves.”

While some agreed with her comments, others said everyone should be mindful of each other.

“My work provides meals for people with disabilities and more often than not our shop looks like this,” one wrote.

“I get your assumption and do understand your frustration as it has made it hard for us to continue our service.

“But we must always remember an assumption is just that.”

Just hours after the photo sparked an online debate, grocery stores across Melbourne reintroduced limits on items in store.

Woolworths currently has a two-product limit on 50 different items while Coles has enforced a two-pack buying restriction on chicken breasts, chicken thighs and mince meat.

Images: Facebook/Getty

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