Celebrity personal trainer shares best home workouts amid coronavirus outbreak

If it's good enough for Rebel Wilson, it's good enough for us!

Whether you're having withdrawals from the gym, or just feel like you need to occupy your time in isolation amid the coronvirus outbreak - we've got you covered.

Celebrity trainer Jono Castano, who has helped the likes of Rebel Wilson and several Australian models, tone-up and drop any excess weight has written a full program to do from your very own living room. 

1. Body weight Squats  - 20 repetitions while focusing on loading through the heels to engage hamstring and glute activation.

Technique - Drop down into the squat position, making sure that your arms and back are straight, your knees form a 90-degree bend, and the pressure of your body weight is in your heels rather than your toes.

2. Body weight lunges - 12 Each Side - it's an amazing exercise for strengthening and toning those legs.

Technique - Keep your knees, hips and shoulders all facing in same direction. Don't force your weight into your kneecaps but rather use them as a hinge. Engage your quads, hamstrings and glutes.

3. Body Weight Trunk Rotation - 12 Each Side - one of my favourite exercises as a coach. Twisting your torso will challenge those abdominals.

Technique - Hands held at your sternum, back straight. Extend your arms out in front of you. With power, rotate your torso to the right. Return to the starting position. Your arms should not pass your midline.

4. Dead bugs  - 10 Each Side Effective - a safe and a great way to strengthen and stabilise your core, spine, and back muscles.

Technique - Hands in the air above your torso and your legs in the air with your knees bent at 90-degree angles. Then, you lower opposite arm and leg toward the floor then return to starting position.

5. High Knees - 30 seconds to finish the round on a high - it's the perfect way to build more power and work that core.

Technique - Quickly drive your right knee up to meet your right hand, bring the same leg back to the ground immediately bring the left knee coming up to meet your left hand.

Repeat this circuit is 5 rounds.



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Jono's extra tips

1. Try to keep active. I always suggest 45 minutes of exercise a day. There are hundreds of online video workouts you can do at home. If you want to keep yourself accountable and to follow a personalised program, our online training app has various programs for at home with limited equipment.

2. Focus on your nutrition over this period. Try to implement good eating habits and don’t go overboard on the snacks. This is a great time to get used to cooking healthy meals at home too if you regularly eat out. You can also have further guidance through an app called Equalution which gives you a very tailored plan on exactly how to maintain or stick to your fitness goals. They’re on the app store.

3. Stick to a routine and don’t loose sight of your fitness and health goals. If you usually wake up at a certain time, continue to do so as it’s much harder to get back into. This isn’t a “holiday” period.

4. Rest is just as important as all of the above. Get a good amount of sleep and try to add stretching and meditation to your day as this will help your overall physical and mental performance.

5. Stay motivated and be consistent. If there is someone in your household, get them to workout too so it can keep you both accountable. If not, facetime a friend and do it with them.

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