Selling Houses Australia

'What we'll really miss about Charlie' Andrew Winter and Shaynna Blaze reveal the truth!

We're drawing to the end of Selling Houses Australia, Season 13.

As we farewell Charlie Albone on Selling Houses Australia, we ask Andrew Winter and Shaynna Blaze how they will cope without him!

And, don't worry, their answers are exactly what you might expect!

The trio have worked together on the show for 13 years now, and audiences love their easy-going banter that peppers every home renovation they complete.

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Here, the pair reveal what they will (and won't) miss about Charlie and his gardening talents!

So how do you think you will cope without Charlie?

Andrew: To be quite honest, not having Charlie won't be a problem at all. I've just gone to TAFE and done a three-day course on gardening so I'm going to employ all of Charlie's assistants and then we're going to split his hourly rate, but if that fails I'll just do it myself!

Shaynna: When we get the new gardener in, I think Andrew might be kind to them for the first five minutes and then that will be it. So our replacement will have to have a bit of wit about them.They can't be sensitive and they've got to get in first - they have to give it to Andrew first before he gets stuck into them. It will be so much fun to watch!

What will change on Selling Houses Australia?

Andrew: Obviously the lawyers are still talking to Charlie because of the all the hurtful tanning and wig jokes he's made over the years.

I mean, that has hurt my feelings greatly over the years. To be honest, what scares me is turning up to a house and people being normal and possibly polite to me, that's going to be quite unnerving.

I'm used to walking in and the barrage of abuse from Charlie starts with immediate effect. I'm going to find it a little bit uncomfortable if that's not happening.

Shaynna: The chemistry between the three of us is so smooth, it just naturally happened and we didn't even have to try! It will be fun to see what happens with the new recruit.

What will you miss most about Charlie?

Andrew: He's beginning to lose his hair and I so wanted to be a part of his life when it starts to fall out!

I really, really wanted to be part of that and the fact that he's sneaking away before he really starts to go bald is just very frustrating for me.

I think he was worried his thinning hair could be a source of incredible ridicule by my good self and on that basis he thought I better get out now while I've still got a few curly locks left... That's why he's going and I'm gong to stick with that story.

Shaynna: When we first started Selling Houses Australia, we thought it may not last, then we just kept going thinking and to tell you the truth, it never crossed our minds what would happen when it finished.

I think we all thought that when one goes, we all go, but we're not ready to leave yet - there's so many more good times ahead!

I think it will feel quite feel strange doing it without him because we are such a good team, but life will go on, and we can't wait to get started on the next season!

Tell us a secret about Charlie...

Andrew: Nobody watching the show probably realises, but Charlie is actually a few years younger than me.

Obviously he's not young like he was, he's aged greatly in the 13 years he's been on the show. I think he's aged about 30 years so it's quite bizarre and meanwhile I've only aged five - it's incredible really. 

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