A mum’s $7 Kmart food hack sparks online fury from angry parents

Are either parents in the wrong here?

Kmart hacks have been helping parents around Australia find simpler solutions to every day life, but one mum's 'hack' has since caused huge controversy.

Sharing to the Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia Facebook page, one mum posted a photo of the $7 Kmart fishing tackle box which she used as a snack box for her kids before a long roadtrip.

Filling each compartment with raw vegetables, cured meats and dried fruits, the mum was originally proud of her nifty hack until she copped a wave of angry comments.

Firstly, members of the group charged at the mum with concerns over using a plastic box:

"Tackle boxes are not food safe," one person wrote. "The plastic can leech into food and be detrimental to your health. Of course you are not going to get sick immediately but over time. If you want to take the risk then go for it. If you don’t, then don’t put your food in take box. Each to their own.’

Another person concerned with the use of plastic commented: "Scientists have learnt since then that BPA is likely one of the reasons why kids are moving into puberty early along with a range of other things like linking it to cancer.

"I reckon the idea is great, but I am glad that someone raised the BPA concern because sometimes I forget and I imagine some people might not know the risks."

Other parents sought to highlight the choice of foods the mum used, questioning the freshness of the ingredients that would normally need to be refrigerated.

"How are you keeping them cold?" one questioned. "Because 5 minutes out of a fridge and in the hot car will be yuck."

However, after a long wave of angry comments, the mum stood up for herself and responded to the group's followers:


"It was in the esky until we were hungry, so it WAS FOOD SAFE, AND KEPT COLD.

"Everyone is fine and healthy no sickness from here. Obviously you wash before you put the food into the containers."

While the comments were there based on fears for the family's health, other followers took the mum's side to defend her:

"Okay, what the heck is food safe? Really! I’m sure this momma is not going to to do anything to harm her babies!! I would definitely do this with my 3 year and 11 month old," one said.

"Is it safe to drive a car and risk having a car accident? Is it safe to take your kids to daycare and rush them getting sick from another child?? We do things everyday that aren’t ‘safe’ so why are there so many ‘safe police’ on here?" another wrote in her defence. 

Who do you think is right here?

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